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Re: Password policy

Denero Team
- 21.02.2015 04:36:10
Hello All,

After reviewing the thread, I realized that we really need to have some way for the password policy. I already started to work on it. Please look into the attached screen and give me your feedback. I will publish module in next week very soon.

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Dhaval Patel
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Denero Team.
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On Sat, Feb 21, 2015 at 12:38 PM, Caudal Eric <> wrote:
I personnally think LDAP will be safer/stronger in general but I understand as well that it can be tricky to install in small organization.
I have always been amazed about the poor level of password management avalailable in Odoo and simple modules to improve them in Odoo environment without going through LDAP can be indeed welcome.

2015-02-20 21:49 GMT+08:00 Nhomar Hernández <>:

2015-02-20 6:27 GMT-06:00 Caudal Eric <>:
I think it is better use LDAP password policy.

It is a good Idea, but what abou if I don't want add a LDAP server to my configuration?, I feel like is a good approach have this feature odoo's side also.

Saludos Cordiales
Nhomar Hernandez

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