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Re: Aged Partner Balance Report with DETAILS? How?

Open For Small Business Ltd, Graeme Gellatly
- 13.05.2015 19:00:46
Once reviews are complete OCA will have this, but you can try now

On Thu, May 14, 2015 at 10:37 AM, <> wrote:
We have a single module that does
 - statements
 - aged trial balance
 - detailed aged trial balance
 - trial balance by currency

It has a dependency on another of our modules so you would need to hack it a little (but not much).

Does as at date (typically as at period).

Not the nicest of code (ie very very ugly) as it was based on another module initially but has been added to over the last few years, but you are welcome to a copy.

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From:        Ray Carnes - Implementation Strategy <>
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Date:        14/05/2015 10:13 a.m.
Subject:        Aged Partner Balance Report with DETAILS? How?

V8 – how are people meeting this requirement?


The Aged Partner Balance (in built report or the OCA webit based one) doesn’t show details, just the total aged balance.


I need AS OF A DATE, so was hoping to leverage the in built report or the OCA report.



Ray Carnes.


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