How to configure a route to buy components in a main warehouse, transfer it to secondary warehouse and finally manufacture a finished products at the secondary warehouse ?

I have a need to manufacture finished products in a secondary warehouse, but all the components are purchased in my main warehouse and transferred to the secondary warehouse. How can I configure this in Odoo ?

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Configurations to make:

  • Purchase, Inventory & MRP needed
  • Multi-steps routes & multi locations
  • On Secondary Warehouse, select Resupply from Main Warehouse + Manufacture to resupply. https://i.imgur.com/Xq4bkh4.png
  • On the route automatically created "Secondary Warehouse: Supply Product from Main Warehouse"
  • Create a BoM as follow:
    • Finished product with route Manufacture
    • Components with route "Resupply from Main warehouse" & Vendor pricelist populated


  1. Create a MO for the finished product and update the Operation type in the Miscellaneous tab -> choose Secondary Warehouse: Manufacturing operation type : https://i.imgur.com/9L4847t.png
  2. Confirm the MO and go in the Replenishment menu to order your components: https://i.imgur.com/cIwbX8D.png
    • NB: If you already have the components in the Main warehouse, it won't create any RfQ. Otherwise, it will create new RfQ.
    • A Delivery is generated from MWH/Stock to inter-warehouse transit location and a Receipt is created in SWH/Stock
  3. Process the operation types
    1. Receive components in Main warehouse
    2. Deliver components to inter-warehouse transit location
    3. Receive components in Secondary warehouse
    4. Manufacture your finished product with the components available at secondary warehouse.

-> Video of the process here 

NB: If you have many secondary locations, inter-warehouse location is aggregating the quantities to deliver but is still reserving the adequate quantity for the appropriate destination warehouse.

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Hi Barthélemy,

Thank you for sharing this interesting piece of knowledge !

It might be worth adding in the configuration the fact that you set Reordering Rules at the component level. And also, don't hesitate to share your video with one of the inventory experts so that they upload it on the Youtube channel. It's safer on the longer run.