Smartclass - Advanced Studio Customizations
Ort: Studio - 07.11.23, 09:00 - 07.11.23, 17:00 (Europe/Brussels) (8 Stunden)

This smartclass will be held over two days: Monday November 6th and Tuesday November 7th.

Entrance to this smartclass includes breakfast, lunch and drinks during the two days.

Odoo Studio is a great tool but with greatness comes great responsibility !
The aim of this course is to provide a better look at what’s under the hood of Odoo and how, as a business analyst/functional consultant, you can further your technical knowledge in general and with Studio.

Whilst consultants generally don’t develop on projects, having a good technical understanding helps them in various ways:
- All in all, this course aims at making you a better It help in communicating with the client and sales people during the presales phase.
- Better understanding of technical client needs.
- Helps knowing the (im)possibility of a solution faster.
- Makes it easier to challenge or find workarounds. When developments are needed, the customer needs can be translated more easily which reduces the effort needed for the development.
- Better collaboration with colleagues.

Become a better business analyst/consultant with this intermediate course on how Odoo works technically and what Studio can do, as well as its limits.
Although knowing the technical side of things, bear in mind that this course should be seen as complementary to our Odoo Implementation Methodology.
Finally, note that this course is certainly not a "development" course. If you expect a technical training and want to learn about how to create new Odoo applications, this is not the place, it's best to follow our technical training.