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Event Odoo Experience 2021 beginnt am 6. Oktober 2021 um 14:00:00 MESZ
Preventing Data Loss with during a pandemic
Customer Success Story
Ort: Studio 6 - 06.10.21, 15:30 - 06.10.21, 16:00 (-0400) (30 Minuten)

Preventing Data Loss with during a pandemic
Simon Capriles General Manager  at Kyohei Ltda.

Born and living in La Paz Bolivia.

Studied Industrial engineering and then obtained a master's degree in Information security in the bolivian Military School of Engineering.

Initialy worked as production director but later specialized in Odoo ERP implementation and founded Kyohei Ltda.

This talk details the transition of Life Technologies Bolivia from Odoo Community to and the information used to write a thesis on "Informatic systems implementation optimization by applying information risk management. Case: ERP Odoo." This topic was chosen because ERP's are some, if not the most, complex informatic systems to implement; moreover, they store and process critical data for the companies using them. ERP data loss could be catastrophic for a company's survival in the transition.

When the implementation was in the planning stages, the COVID19 pandemic broke out. Coincidentally, this customer used to import lab equipment and reagents to provide lab testing services. Before the pandemic, they invoiced less than 20 invoices per month, and with the onset of the pandemic their sales exploded to over 200 invoices daily. The older Community system was unable to handle this volume of sales, crashing constantly, and this led to a faster implementation of despite the owner's concerns.

After analyzing all the data with the information risk management, results showed that the best solution for small and mid sized companies is to use The reason is that provides a cost effective and secure hosting service compared to the recruitment and training of specialized technical IT personnel or compared to let the system work by it's own once installed without taking into account any risk that the system could face. The last case was the scenario of this customer's previous implementation.