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Event Odoo Experience 2021 beginnt am 6. Oktober 2021 um 14:00:00 MESZ
How to Efficiently Create Modern REST APIs With FastAPI and Odoo
Ort: Studio 5 - 07.10.21, 15:00 - 07.10.21, 15:30 (-0400) (30 Minuten)

How to Efficiently Create Modern REST APIs With FastAPI and Odoo
Stéphane Bidoul Developer  at Acsone

Founder and CTO at Acsone. Member of the Board of the Odoo Community Association.

In this talk we will present a method to rapidly create beautiful, well-documented, and fast REST APIs, using the FastAPI library and the Odoo backend API.

FastAPI is a popular python library to create REST APIs and backend web applications, with automatic OpenAPI schema and documentation generation and automatic parameter validation.

After a brief introduction to OpenAPI, FastAPI, and the Odoo backend API, we'll discuss topics such as multiprocessing and multithreading, authentication, authorization, cache management, and more.

Attendees will learn how to safely and productively get the most of the Odoo internal API outside the context of the usual Odoo server. We will discuss when this approach is useful compared to other approaches such as using XML-RPC, JSON-RPC, or community modules such as base_rest or graphql_base.

This presentation is targeted towards developers who need to rapidly and efficiently expose Odoo databases to third-party systems in a safe, resilient, and future-proof way.