Odoo Experience 2017

Reinvigorate Your Transversal Sales Strategy

  • Nicolas Pénicaut - Business Advisor, Odoo
  • 04.10.2017 15:00
  • Hocaille

B2B sales cycles are complex and time-consuming. Companies usually invest heavily to acquire new customers but fail to invest adequately in maximizing the profit with existing customers. While there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for doing this, this talk will showcase successful transversal sales techniques to maximize share of wallet with existing customers and raise the productivity of transversal sales efforts. This should push you to think about how you can start building campaigns for you...

Marketing for Partners - How Can Odoo Assist You?

  • Elin Anna Jonasdottir (ejo)
  • 04.10.2017 15:30
  • Hocaille

As an Odoo Partner, what is your strategy to establish your company as a trusted expert in your field? Without a clear marketing methodology, you might be missing out on business opportunities by not getting the exposure you deserve. This talk is targeted at partners who feel like their marketing strategy could use a boost. In this presentation we’ll discuss which steps partners can take to improve their marketing efforts, and how Odoo can help you get the most out of them. We’ll go through the ...

Odoo Partnership Program: Benefits and value

  • Otto Runarsson (oru)
  • 04.10.2017 16:30
  • Hocaille

The Odoo eco system is designed to offer the best customer experience to Odoo users, from the product to implementation services. In order to guarantee that, the Odoo Partner Program ensures that official partners have the resources and knowledge required to offer Odoo implementation services. Today Odoo counts with 800+ partners in more than 120 countries around the globe and growing. Why become an Odoo Partner? Odoo is positioned today as one of the most downloaded and demanded enterprise soft...

Odoo in a Corporate Environment

  • Daniel Reis
  • 04.10.2017 17:30
  • Hocaille

This talk targets anyone interested in deploying Odoo in large companies, e.g. sales reps, consultants, customers. During this talk, attendees will learn about the specific challenges of deploying Odoo in a corporation environment, from my own experience with Securitas Portugal. What you should expect from this presentation: Corporations provide a setting fundamentally different from SMEs. Not only the decision making process is very different, but the IT environment also has specific challenges...

Best Tips and Tricks to Impress Clients During an Odoo Demo

  • Brett Hydeman - Business Advisor, Odoo Inc.
  • 05.10.2017 11:30
  • Hocaille

Target audience: Beginners / expert, partners, direct sales, channel team, sales engineers, customer success teams Version covered (incl. edition): V. 10 SaaS 15 What will people learn from this talk: The Odoo platform covers such a wide range of business functions that it's hard to condense them all into one demo. One of the biggest challenges is deciding how to narrow it down and focus on the most effective functions for the most powerful presentation possible. Learn how to show off Odoo and k...

Highway to a Gold Partnership: Ecosoft Mexico

  • Johana Ochoa, Head of Partnerships & Alliances - Odoo
  • 05.10.2017 12:00
  • Hocaille

The audience will learn how software developing companies have positioned themselves in today's modern business apps world by partnering with us and making their existing software greater when it is powered by Odoo. What should they expect from your presentation: A Partnership business case that became successful in our LATAM market. We will present the story of this case from their first call to Odoo SF partnership team all the way to their closing and the upgrade to Gold partnership level in l...

The Art of Prospecting

  • Hans Marius Borutta (hbo)
  • 05.10.2017 12:30
  • Hocaille

This talk should cover the impact of correct prospecting for potential Odoo clients in order to win them over. Especially, the dos and don’ts will be addressed to the audience of partners, and potential partners thinking of joining the partnership program. Additionally, I would like to mention the financial impact our leads and opportunities have for the partners’ business success. It's especially important to highlight the well done lead qualifications and the following steps performed by the p...

Implementation Methodology for Small Businesses

  • Catherine Vieslet, BE Quickstart Team Leader - Odoo
  • 05.10.2017 14:30
  • Hocaille


Simplifying the Customer Journey to Improve Customer Experience

  • Jaime Catalan, Business Advisor - Odoo
  • 06.10.2017 11:45
  • Hocaille

What is the customer journey? By customer journey we refer to the end to end set of activities and processes a customer goes through to start using Odoo Enterprise. The Odoo customer journey is everything you do from the moment you go to None [1] www.odoo.com , to the moment your Odoo instance is live in production and used by your employees. * What is customer experience? By customer experience we refer to a set of conscious and subconscious attitudes, feelings and beliefs regarding interacti...

10 Common Mistakes Made by a new Partner

  • Ludovic Pimpurniaux, Business Advisor - Odoo
  • 06.10.2017 12:45
  • Hocaille

After 8 years of working with partners, we noticed some are performing better than others. This talk will focus on key elements for partners to excel in selling Odoo. Today our reality is that we have random quality and expertise throughout the partner network worldwide. Partners not having a properly defined go-to market strategy; not charging for their pre-sales efforts, having inept project methodology that hampers the project success and quality, lacking trained certified resources, not util...

Partner: ask me anything

  • Fabien Pinckaers, Founder & CEO - Odoo
  • 05.10.2017 11:00
  • Foyer du Lac

The audience is the entire partner network. Information provided during the talk will be new pricing, channel strategy, vision 2018, new partner sales structure, Odoo Enterprise selling approach, etc ...

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