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BI Dіstribution LLC, ADAMANTIKA LLC Großhandel/Einzelhandel
BI Dіstribution LLC is an exclusive official distributor of bionic care cosmetic K18 Hair in Ukraine. Customers of BI Dіstribution LLC can order K18 Hair for home or professional use in a beauty salon by placing an order on the website that was made with Odoo CMS.

The company using Odoo not only to get orders from e-Commerce but also to manage deliveries and warehouse. Accounting in Odoo helps BI Dіstribution LLC to control also finance reports in real time.

ELSIE Int. Co., Ltd.
ELSIE Int. Co., Ltd. Großhandel/Einzelhandel
Автоматизація продаж, складського обліку і закупівлі.
PP "WiCom"
PP "WiCom" Großhandel/Einzelhandel
WiCom - it's a chain of grocery stores based in Odesa, Ukraine. The company works from 2001.

In Odoo WiCom uses all apps needed for selling grocery in stores: Inventory, Purchase, Sales, POS, Accounting. IoT Boxes and PrivatBank terminals help to work effectively in the stores. Also WiCom is ready to use our integration with CheckBox. Thanks to Odoo managers of the company see the remaining goods in all stores, which helps in the correct ordering of goods from suppliers and smooth operation of the stores.