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AFI for Development
AFI for Development Agrikultur
AFI’s Agriculture branch (AFI for Development) was launched with the sole mission of contributing to the development of Sudan, with a main focus on the sector of Agriculture which employs over 60% of the population.

The potential of agriculture business is extremely large in Sudan because of the vast resources and the need of the whole world for food. A lot of investment from various from different countries active In Sudan right now that is why the business in the sector is very essential and promising especially in agriculture equipment and machinery.

AFI is supported by international partners and suppliers with the highest qualities. Our huge local stock and abilities to access European warehouses directly will result in quick solution if you have any demand for parts. Our stock is daily monitored and controlled by our ERP management system.
Bayrony Investment International Co. Ltd
Bayrony Investment International Co. Ltd Agrikultur
"Bayrony was founded in 2003 in Sudan’s capital Khartoum and is an exporter and trader of agricultural commodities. The company started at a small level, initially engaged in seasonal agriculture commodities only trading Watermelon seeds; - Today, it has dedicated employees all over the production areas in Sudan and has achieved great success in its operations, which allowed it to diversify and add six more agricultural commodities to its portfolio. Furthermore, product line enhancement has reduced the dilemma of customers searching for reliable sources. Bayrony now has a diversified range of agricultural commodities including:
• Gum Arabic
• Groundnuts
• Sesame Seeds (White and Red)
• Watermelon Seeds
• Pigeon Peas
• Hibiscus Flower
• Chick Peas
• Groundnut Meal
• Olibanum Gum
• Berseem Alfalfa
• Rhodes
• Sorghum
Bayrony has shown an unmatched drive to expand its distribution. In 2006, Bayrony had clients in the Middle East only; today, the company has distributed to places as far west as North and South America and Far East to destinations in South East Asia. Bayrony has become one of the leading trusted exporters of Sudan and the company is managed by seasoned professionals that have carried forward its core value of offering high quality and consistent products."