STK Bakery's Recipe For Success With Odoo

Leveraging the rewards of eCommerce and a high-valued partnership

Company: STK Bakery Supply
Country: Yangon, Myanmar
Implementation Partner: Asia Matrix
Odoo Account Manager: Parco Yau
Industry: Retail
Company Size: 25
Number of Odoo Users: 14
Odoo Implementation Type: On-Premise
Odoo Apps Implemented: Purchase, Inventory, Website, eCommerce, Sales, CRM, POS, Invoicing, Accounting, Email Marketing, Events    


The Company

Founded in 2016, STK Bakery Supply is a fast-evolving importer and distributor of bakery supplies in Myanmar. The pioneering company’s retail branch is located in the capital city, Yangon. Meanwhile, its customer base spans wide across the country via eCommerce. Striving to deliver unique value in its industry, STK Bakery is a one-stop-shop for all baking needs; baking ingredients, bakeware equipment, and packaging material. Its product variety and service quality distinguish the supplier as a hotspot for bakery businesses and customers in Myanmar. Apart from successful branding, STK Bakery’s achievements thrive upon a revolutionary change in the organization; a digital transformation with Odoo. 


Odoo: An Eye-opening Discovery

Most companies employ Odoo to accelerate business expansion while some have a simpler yet impactful goal in mind, to eliminate inconsistencies in operations. STK Bakery aspired to achieve both of these objectives in its search for the most suitable ERP solution. However, its former ERP had a limited scope of applications (inventory, PoS, accounting) and failed to fulfill the company’s demands. In a fortunate turn of events, STK Bakery’s management team came across Odoo. They had an eye-opening discovery during the trial test of the software and realized Odoo was the solution they had long envisioned.

“Odoo’s extensive suite of applications perfectly accommodates our company’s goal for business expansion and standardization.”

Yu Yu Swe, Director of STK Bakery Supply 

The Rising Norm: Ecommerce

Since the founding of STK Bakery, the director recognized the emerging consumer trends of the digital era. Ecommerce was on top of the list and soon became the company’s core revenue stream. Its online shop now operates on Facebook and integrates with Inventory, Sales, CRM, Invoicing, Accounting Odoo applications. Odoo's automation feature also plays a big role in optimizing the company's system. As the customer data, business activities, and financial records synchronize in real-time, the database is more consistent and accurate than ever before.

“We strongly believe in the significance of digital transformation. Ecommerce is the future as more and more people are starting to shop online.”

Yu Yu Swe, Director of STK Bakery Supply

Benefits of a high-valued partnership

Asia Matrix, a silver Odoo partner, was a major catalyst in STK Bakery and its sister company’s (K Mini Mart) implementation and continues to provide support in business development. The dedicated partner serves as a bridge between the companies and Odoo. Since it carries out localized services over a shared native language (Burmese), it promotes in-depth communication and cooperation throughout the partnerships. STK Bakery's onboarding process completed smoothly within two months. During which, Asia Matrix proved its methodologies (business analysis, product coaching & consultancy, functional training) and services to exceed the company's expectations.

“Asia Matrix provides timely, cost-effective solutions with high quality and consistency. We highly value their partnership.”

Yu Yu Swe, Director of STK Bakery Supply


The Recipe to Success

With the help of Odoo, both STK Bakery and K Mini Mart are able to scale their businesses despite the rise of the pandemic. They no longer face burdens in time, costs, labor, and can now place a greater focus on their assets (such as products and services). With Asia Matrix's maintenance support, the companies operate under minimal technical dilemmas. These conditions allow room for long-term planning and expansions. The director identifies them as “The recipe for success.”


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