Play Hard, Work Smart: How Odoo Revolutionized We Are Paddle UAE

A-Team Experience

Company Name:A-Team Experience
Country: UAE
Industry: Sports
Main Apps: Purchase, Sales, Point of Sale, Accounting, Invoicing
Number of Odoo Users: 13
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Abdallah Mustapha
Odoo Implementing Consultants: Hadeel Al Otaibi, Shahad Abdallah, Yazeed Abubaker

Unifying Operations

We Are Paddle UAE, a part of a global brand with over 900 courts in nine countries, has been providing outstanding paddle court experiences across Abu Dhabi. With over 26 courts at five locations, their focus on "Paddle for All" ensures memorable experiences at a reasonable cost for their consumers. However, as a startup, they faced the challenge of integrating various systems and ensuring scalability for future growth.

The Need for Integrated Solutions

Initially, the team used household products for their operations, but the lack of integration proved to be a long-term obstacle. For instance, when it came to accountancy tasks like P&Ls and cash flows, using Excel snapshots resulted in static data that became outdated over time. To overcome these limitations and achieve accurate and real-time insights, We Are Paddle UAE sought a more integrated solution.

The Odoo Advantage

Recognizing the need for a dynamic and interconnected system, We Are Paddle UAE turned to Odoo, a comprehensive business management software. The team found that Odoo's solutions were readily available, providing them with the tools needed to streamline their operations effectively.

Seamless Integration and Quick Implementation

With Odoo, We Are Paddle UAE experienced a seamless integration process. From the point of registration and setup, the system was plug-and-play, saving the team valuable time. The POS system was ready within a day, allowing them to configure parameters, pricing, rules, and restrictions effortlessly. Similarly, the accountancy module provided templates and user-friendly report systems, simplifying financial management tasks.

Professional Support and Time Savings

Throughout the implementation process, We Are Paddle UAE received exceptional support from the Odoo team, including Hadil, Shahad, and Yazid, who demonstrated professionalism and expertise. One of the most significant benefits they experienced was the integration of data, which saved them an immeasurable amount of time. With Odoo's comprehensive suite of applications, they eliminated the need for software-to-software communication, resulting in substantial operational time savings and reduced manual report generation.

The Phenomenal Outcome

Summing up their experience with Odoo in one word, Stephen Gillespie, Chief Operating Officer at We Are Paddle UAE, described it as "phenomenal." The centralized nature of Odoo's applications within the main software hub has transformed their operations, enabling them to focus on delivering exceptional experiences rather than battling with incompatible systems.


We Are Paddle UAE's journey with Odoo showcases the transformative power of an integrated business management solution. By embracing Odoo's comprehensive suite of applications, they have streamlined their operations, eliminated compatibility issues, and saved significant time. With Odoo as their reliable partner, We Are Paddle UAE continues to deliver unforgettable paddle court experiences to their valued customers while enjoying newfound operational efficiency and growth prospects.

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