Expediting Projects: Bany International Streamlined their Processes with Odoo

Company Name: Bany International
Country: KSA
Industry: Contracting
Main Apps: Purchase, Sales, Point of Sale, Accounting, Invoicing, Project
Number of Odoo Users: 9
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Jad Khaddaj
Odoo Implementing Partner: Global Solutions

At Bany International Co. LTD in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, providing top-notch air-conditioning systems and services is their expertise. As a grade A service provider, Bany International takes pride in delivering excellence across the country. In this success story, Mohammed Abdulfattah, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Bany International, shares their experience with Odoo, highlighting the significant impact it has had on their financial operations.

The Need for a Comprehensive Financial Solution:
When Mohammed Abdulfattah joined Bany International, he recognized the need for a robust financial system that could seamlessly manage their diverse financial affairs. Drawing from his previous experience with Odoo, he recommended implementing the platform as the core system for managing finances, ensuring the company's long-term financial stability.

Addressing Key Challenges:
One of the critical challenges Bany International faced with their previous software was the integration of stock valuation with the general trial balance and product details with ongoing projects. This led to additional work and cumbersome processes, making it difficult to obtain accurate reports. Bany International needed a comprehensive solution to overcome these obstacles and streamline their financial processes efficiently.

Odoo's All-in-One Solution:
Odoo's comprehensive suite of applications, including purchase, sales, inventory, projects, CRM, and accounting, proved to be the ideal solution for Bany International. What sets Odoo apart is its seamless integration between all the apps. Each stage, from creating purchase orders to sales orders, invoicing, and warehouse management, flows effortlessly, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing manual work.

Driving Cost Reduction and Revenue Growth:
With the implementation of Odoo, Bany International witnessed remarkable results. The company experienced a significant reduction in costs and expenses by 15%-20%, leading to enhanced profitability. Additionally, Odoo enabled Bany International to achieve a remarkable 40%-50% increase in revenues. This achievement was possible through enhanced cost and expense monitoring, providing the necessary focus for financial growth.

A Unified Platform for Efficiency:
Mohammed Abdulfattah aptly describes Odoo as a pyramid, symbolizing its strength, solidity, and the holistic approach it brings to Bany International's financial operations. By using Odoo, Bany International not only streamlined their financial processes but also gained a comprehensive platform that caters to all their business needs, ultimately driving success.

Bany International's successful implementation of Odoo revolutionized their financial operations, ensuring seamless integration, accurate reporting, and cost-efficiency. By utilizing Odoo's suite of applications, Bany International achieved significant cost reductions, revenue growth, and enhanced monitoring of their financial performance. With Odoo as their core system, Bany International is well-positioned to thrive in their industry and continue providing exceptional services to their customers.

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