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YUMAB is a privately-held German biotechnology company that provides tailored solutions for your human antibody development and antibody engineering problems. We provide rapid, large-scale discovery and optimization of human monoclonal antibodies, custom libraries, antibody engineering (e.g., humanization, affinity maturation, various antibody product formats), and custom-made antibodies to difficult antigen targets. YUMAB offers fee-for-service solutions, and attractive and flexible licensing options for diagnostics and therapeutics.

YUMAB’s advanced in vitro antibody phage display selection technology and proprietary, highly-diverse human antibody gene libraries (>1.5×1010) have successfully provided desirable antibody candidates to our numerous academic and pharmaceutical industry clients. Several of these candidates have advanced to therapeutic lead development.

Our successes result from the more than 20 years of experience in recombinant antibody research and development. YUMAB’s founders including Prof. Dr. Stefan Dübel – co-inventor of antibody phage display – have an outstanding track record in academic and industrial research.