Velo Networks

Velo Networks

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PT Bumi Amartha Teknologi Mandiri(AMARTEK) (3 reference(s))

PT Bumi Amartha Teknologi Mandiri(AMARTEK)
Menara Batavia, 12A Floor, Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur Kav. 126
10220 Jakarta
+62-21-3970-8371 / +628111903373

Company name:  PT. NetToCyber Indonesia (VELO Network)

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Industry:  Information and communication technology which covering Network Services, Manage Services, System Integration and Data Center & Cloud computing

Size of the company > 180 employees

Business process model: CRM, ITSM (Information Technology Service Management)

Integration to third-party: QlikView and their ERP system

Number of Odoo Users > 50 in the first place

Main Apps implemented: CRM, Helpdesk, eSign, Sales, Invoicing, Project, Documents, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Studio and Subscription

Implementation type: On-premise

Product competitors during bidding: Salesforce, SAP-B1 and Microsoft Dynamics(D365)

VELO Networks was first established in 2001 as a full-fledged Internet Service Provider. Today, we are en route to becoming the leader in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry. In 2007, the brand VELO Networks was introduced to represent our strong commitment in providing the best quality of products and service to our clients. Focusing integrated Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solution for both corporate and consumer markets, VELO offers full-scale services as a prominent Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP). Thus, began the journey of VELO Networks in becoming the leader and the most preferred solution provider in the industry.


Implementing Odoo

Velo management and their team have been windows shopping to find out which solution for their business model. Some product solution in the market already doing proof of concept for giving solution for Velo. Those solution are Salesforce, SAP-B1 and Microsoft Dynamics (D365). We are Bumi Amartha Teknologi Mandiri (BATM) came as last participant. We do a lot of demo to confines all stake holder and Velo’s management. Due to agile and flexible of Odoo how we can fit into requirement then the decision come to Odoo and us (BATM).

In the high business competition and especially during pandemic situation, they believe Odoo is best tools for making their business optimize.

They need Odoo for their front team solution (sales and delivery team) which profit center of their business that why the need of leads process, qualifying prospect, order booking and until closing the deal. Velo is very deep on customization on CRM, They also need to capture SLA or helpdesk system for handling their issue according to ITSM concept. By having this requirement, we do customize our Odoo helpdesk system according to ITSM. According Velo management team, that Odoo is solution which customer centric oriented and will be useful for facing digitalization and Industrial 4.0