Transshipet e.K.

Transshipet e.K.

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A-310 Siddhivinayak Tower,
Makarba Prahladnagar extension, Off SG highway,
Ahmedabad 380051


Transshipet is a sales agency (import / export) in the field of international trade in ornamental fish, corals, reptiles, amphibians, ornamental birds, rodents, and many other types of pets and plants. Our idea is very simple: By organizing reliable bulk imports from as many export areas as possible, consolidating the goods upon arrival at the shipping center / hub and forwarding them to our customers very quickly, we avoid intermediate storage / storage, which cause many costs and also achieve further cost advantages. This means that we have a significantly cheaper price calculation basis than most of our competitors. We are happy to pass on the savings achieved through our business model to our customers. Our young company consists of employees with many years of experience, among others from the logistics sector and international pet trade. With this experience, we know exactly what customers in the pet industry want.