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Shanghai YOPARK Investment Management Co., Ltd

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优帕克作为中国最大规模的高品质住 宅式公寓服务运营商,致力于小业主资产管理,开发并经营了全世界第一家不同于传统租赁市场经营模式的企业,开创了全新概念连锁家 庭住宅式服务公寓管理的体系。

优帕克 是 最具规模化经营及商旅高品质公寓租赁服务的企业。公司服务团队目前有300人左右,团队 有近10年的物业资产管理和服务经验,有陆 家嘴、静安、古北的3个区域服务中 心 (Station) , 管 理着1100套中高端物 业,管理资产规模达数百亿,客房面积超过12万平方米。

优帕 克 掌 握几万套房东信息;几万套中高档房源信息;覆盖上海、北京等一二线城市。服务于世界500强企业;几千 家企业客户;服务过累 计上万名租客。

As China's largest high - quality residential apartments service operator, Yopark is designed to provide management service for small property, developing and operating a different management model from the traditional rental market , creating a new concept such as an all-in home style service apartments management system.

Youpak is the most large-scale operation enterprise , providing the high quality business apartment rental service . Currently, the company is equipped of a Service team of around 300 employees, with nearly 10 years of experience in property management and service. With three regional service centers (stations) :Lujiazui, Jing'an and Gubei, Yopark is managing 1100 units in high-end property, asset management scale of hundreds of billion, the room area of over 12 million square meters.

Youpak masters tens of thousands of messages on landloard and the high-grade housing; covering Shanghai, Beijing and other developped cities. The company offers the services to the world's top 500 enterprises along with thousands of enterprise customers and over tens of thousands of tenants.