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Since its founding in 1957, Sato Machine has worked as a top manufacturer of technology, centering on pipe processing and cutting. In particular, we focused on the manufacture of refrigeration cycle parts used for air conditioners, etc. We acquired various processing expertise and accumulation of high level of technology by trading with the air conditioner industry, which is undergoing rapid changes such as energy saving and compactification. In particular, we have successfully mass-produced bulge processing using tap water by combining our technical capabilities for bulge processing. Today, the range of applied technology such as medium / large air conditioning equipment, refrigeration cycle parts such as eco hot water supply, refrigerator, vending machine and piping parts for residential equipment equipment are expanding. We are actively expanding overseas and establish subsidiaries in China and Thailand to provide overseas customers with quality parts and technical aspects at the same level as those made in Japan and we strive to satisfy them. In 2007, Kobo Kosaki Aircraft Co., Ltd. located in Fujieda city is made a subsidiary, and four companies, including two overseas factories, share technologies and know-how with each other and cooperate with each other, thereby realizing the development of original parts and the manufacturing system We are going to work on establishing the policy. From now on, each of the four Sato Machinery Group companies cherishes the philosophy "thanks for gratitude", and all employees are willing to pursue high quality, high added value "manufacturing".