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WT-IO-IT GmbH (15 reference(s))

Heiligenstädter Straße 201 Top 17
1190 Wien
+43 (676) 4620990

PAYUCA is a dynamic start-up and motivated team of young entrepreneurs based in Vienna and keen enough to provide a solution for opening up private parking space by an innovational technological solution (M2M and bluetooth) for short to medium term parking in city areas where it is quite a burden to find a reasonable parking lot.

They use Odoo as a full ERP system behind the technical and live backend which is doing the access management and service hub for the Apps provided and can be configured and managed directly out of the user-friendly interface provided by Odoo.

Odoo does provide an easy way to make the technical settings accessable, let them monitor basic functionalities, help their users in case they have issues and questions and besides it provides the whole billing, accounting and sales process right from the start.