International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors

Implemented By

Bista Solutions Inc. (36 reference(s))

Headquarters 980 Hammond Drive, Suite 1275
Atlanta, 30328
United States

Client Profile

The International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors (I HELP) was created to provide assistance to auditors who minister religious services in the field and thus outside organised Churches. The international headquarters for I HELP is located in Los Angeles, California. It provides planning, consultation and direction through broad campaigns designed to increase the popularity of field auditing and I HELP membership. It keeps the membership informed by distributing newsletters and promotional materials to continental I HELP Churches. I HELP International also consults with these Churches so they may better serve I HELP members in the field.

The Challenges

They were not able to manage a proper link between Group and Members and which membership they opt for. Also, they are not able to maintain multiple contact detail like Email, Phone, Addresses etc.

The Solutions

We have customised Odoo to help them maintain Members and Group and maintain a proper relationship between them. Also, we provide them with a better way of maintaining Members Membership details with multiple contact details.

Key Implementation Features – Bista Product

● Customised Members to maintain multiple Email, Phone and Address details with their status.

● Developed feature to maintain Group details and relationship with Members.

● Provide utility to import Members and Groups into the system.

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