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 Wheel Technicians
Wheel Technicians Manufacturing
Wheel Remanufacturing, Custom Painting, Powder Coating, Air Brushing, Polishing, Free Home Pick-up & Delivery.
A. S. Al JARED TRADING CO. LTD Manufacturing
Working in the field of water pumps for 25 years, gained trust of many international companies and therefore presents them as an agent in Saudi Market.

العمل في مجال المياه لمدة 25 عامًا، اكتسب ثقة العديد من الشركات العالمية وبالتالي يقدمها كوكيل في السوق السعودي.
مصنع يعمل فى مجال تصنيع الالمنيوم وتلوين الالمنيوم لدى المصنع  مائة وخمسون موظف ولدية خمس فروع و10 مخازن  فى اماكن مختلفة تم تطبيق  نظام الحسابات ونظام المخازن والمبيعات والمشتريات ونظام التصنيع مع مراحل وخطوط الانتاج مع تطبيق نظام الجودة عند نهاية كل مرحلة مع الربط مع شئون الموظفين
Abdulwahab Almohaimeed Foam Factory
Abdulwahab Almohaimeed Foam Factory Manufacturing
A leading company in the manufacture of foam in all its forms and the manufacture of bed mattresses on KSA

Addamegh Group
Addamegh Group Manufacturing
ADDAMEGH GROUP, operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, having its base office in Dammam, has been existent since 1989. They have been focusing exclusively on business interest ranging from Hydraulic and Pneumatic to Complete Compressed Air System and Elevators and Escalators and Railway Industry.
ADDAMEGH GROUP is recognized in the industrial market as guaranteed, recommended and reliable for its genuine products and services and dedicated firmly to its motto and further to accepted ideals of other advanced corporate with a view to maintaining its fame in the industrial market.
Advanced International Industries Company
Advanced International Industries Company Manufacturing
Advanced International Industries Company is one of the modern Saudi companies in the manufacture of multi-use cartons in various industries, with more industrial creativity and using modern means and global technologies; In the next few lines, we talk about important reasons why customers choose advanced international industries to be the right destination for dealing in this field.

A modern company in an important field that contributes to the Saudi economy

AIIC is the abbreviation of the International Company for Advanced Industries, headquartered in Abu Arish Industrial City in Jizan, southern Saudi Arabia. It is a newly established company since October 2019. In turn, it established a factory on an area of ​​22,000 square meters for the manufacture of corrugated cardboard, with high-quality American and international standards and specifications. It places it in the ranks of modern companies that will have an interest in the future of this field within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its leadership in this field and increase the national income through it.
Al Abdullatif Furniture
Al Abdullatif Furniture Manufacturing
نشاط الشركة
يتمثل نشاط الشركة في عدة مجالات متخصصة في:
الأثاث المنزلـي
الأثاث المكتبي
السجاد والموكيت
السـتائر والديكـور
رؤية الشركة
أن تكون شركة مفروشات العبد اللطيف رائدة في مجالها ومن الداعمين للاقتصاد الوطني
رسالة الشركة
نسعى لتقديم أفضل الخدمات للمستهلك والشركات من خلال توفير الأحدث والأرقى في عالم الأثاث المنزلي والمكتبي والسجاد والموكيت
Al Amin Marble
Al Amin Marble Manufacturing
Al-Amin is a leading company in the manufacture and trade of marble and granite with a sophisticated civilized design, serving all the palaces and giant companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Al Osais International Holding Company
Al Osais International Holding Company Manufacturing
Group of companies active in petroleum services and car parts trading
Al Otair Group
Al Otair Group Manufacturing
جموعة العطير للتجارة والصناعة :
هي إحدى الكيانات الرائدة في مجال التطوير العقاري ومجالات أخرى متعددة في التجارة والصناعة والزراعة والتي تحمل بين روافدها الكثير من ملامح التطور والتميز الاستثماري , وبفضل من الله ثم بسبب ما تنعم به مملكتنا الحبيبة من استقرار سياسي ونمو اقتصادي كبير جعلها ولله الحمد في مصاف اكبر عشرين اقتصادا عالمياً فقد كان لهذا النمو بعد توفيق الله الأثر الكبير في نمو المجموعة وانتشارها وتوسع استثماراتها .
Al- Esnad Est. for Military Supplies
Al- Esnad Est. for Military Supplies Manufacturing
Al-Esnad Est., for Military Supplies was founded in 1993, and over the last two decades, Al-Esnad has proudly maintained a remarkable reputation with its customers and partners in the Defense and Security Sector of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Esnad pays attention to the rapid changes in the environment and deals with uncertainty systematically as a source of adding value to its ecosystem. Al-Esnad embraces technological change and uses a flexible structure to cope with and meet international standards.

Al-Esnad is proud to have its own manufacturing facility – a foundation that is driven by the 2030 Strategic Vision. By harvesting local Saudi talent, manufacturing superior-quality products, and completing services at superior quality, Al-Esnad is proud to be a leading military supplies and manufacturing company in Saudi Arabia.

تأسست مؤسسة الإسناد للتجهيزات العسكرية في عام 1993 ، وعلى مدى العقدين الماضيين ، حافظت الإسناد بفخر على سمعة طيبة مع عملائها وشركائها في قطاع الدفاع والأمن في المملكة العربية السعودية. تهتم الإسناد بالتغيرات السريعة في البيئة وتتعامل مع عدم اليقين بشكل منهجي كمصدر لإضافة قيمة إلى نظامها البيئي. تتبنى شركة الإسناد التغيير التكنولوجي وتستخدم هيكلًا مرنًا لمواكبة المعايير الدولية والوفاء بها. تفخر شركة الإسناد بأن لديها منشأة تصنيع خاصة بها - وهي مؤسسة مدفوعة بالرؤية الإستراتيجية لعام 2030. من خلال حصد المواهب السعودية المحلية ، وتصنيع منتجات عالية الجودة ، وإكمال الخدمات بجودة عالية ، تفخر الإسناد بأن تكون شركة رائدة في مجال الإمدادات العسكرية والتصنيع في المملكة العربية السعودية.

Implemented Applications:

Al-Amoudi Group & Partners  Co
Al-Amoudi Group & Partners Co Manufacturing
Abdul Latif Saeed Al Amoudi & Partners Group is one of the largest national successful group of companies with 65 years of experience in various fields. From its first day Al Amoudi Group had a vision, mission and ambition to support and contribute effectively in the development of Saudi economy with all its different sectors and fields.
Al-Khalefah Factory for Metal Industries
Al-Khalefah Factory for Metal Industries Manufacturing

Al-Khalefah is a 100% owned Saudi Factory established in 1994, and invested in the field of metal products which cover a wide range of products and applications with the best quality and competitive pricing as its number one objective.
AlJazeera Gypsum Factory
AlJazeera Gypsum Factory Manufacturing
AlJazeera Gypsum Factory, established in 2014 - Yanbu industrial city -Light industrial area. The company produces gypsum powder and gypsum board, with a capacity of 150,000 tons/year (gypsum powder) and 15 million tons/year (gypsum board).
Alahmadi Institution
Alahmadi Institution Manufacturing
With a main center located in Medina, Saudi Arabia, the company has many diverse activities:
Recycling factories, producing of egg trays and plastic cups, it operates in wholesale and retail trade, it is
also managing many properties and assets and rental of equipment.