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22 Fareek Awal Ali Amer - From Makram ebed ; Nasr City
3 Police Tower – Hafez Ramadan st , From Makram ebid , Nasr City
11531 Cairo C

ERCC is an engineering and consulting firm based in Cairo, Egypt. ERCC focuses on developing renewable energy, and greenhouse gas reduction projects in the Middle East and Africa with the goal of providing sustainable, economic power to communities in the region. ERCC’s philosophy is to provide a complete set of services, providing the technical, financial, environmental, and social studies needed to move projects forward.

 ERCC is active in fields such as engineering of renewable energy projects, CDM project development, and carbon footprinting.With a particular focus on renewable energy development and resource assessment, ERCC staff are trained in industry standard software, such asWAsP, Wind Pro, and Wind Farmer, and work with internationally recognized partners in the field in Egypt and the region.

As part of its commitment to emissions reduction, ERCC was the first company in Egypt to calculate and offset its carbon emissions to become carbonzero. Today ERCC enables other organizations to become carbon neutral by providing carbon footprinting services and offsetting through voluntary emissions reduction certificates.