Cocoon Group 上海珂客恩贸易有限公司

Cocoon Group 上海珂客恩贸易有限公司

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China’s sustained fast growth creates numerous opportunities in almost all fields of business.

Cocoon Group was founded in Shanghai in 2005 to take advantage of these opportunities by supporting trade relationship between China and Europe and between China and other emerging markets.

Huge challenges arise from tremendous opportunities. Cocoon’s mission is to help its clients make the most out of China and assist them in dealing with fast moving competition, deep cultural differences.


中国市场的快速发展为各行业创造了无数的商机。 珂客恩于2015年在上海成立,借势于这股发展浪潮,为中国和欧洲之间,中国 和其他不断崛起的区域市场的贸易提供支持。 同样的挑战也来自于这些急剧攀升的商务机会。珂客恩的主要职责在于帮助客 户充分利用这些商机,快速解决不断变化的竞争和深层次的文化差异带来的挑 战。