Brighter Beauty China 碧科美护肤中心

Brighter Beauty China  碧科美护肤中心

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Elico Corporation 上海寰享网络科技有限公司 (26 reference(s))

Elico Corporation 上海寰享网络科技有限公司
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BrighterBeauty is a next generation retail concept in skin care area. The company blends high-tech with high touch to create a modern OMO journey reflective of how Chinese consumers live their lives. Nimbly moving between online and offline worlds in a single experience. The system went live June 14, 2019 in the Fengshengli area, Jing 'an district, in the heart of Shanghai. Odoo solution supports a customer journey that includes Visia Facial Imaging, Custom Blend Station, Active Atomization Application Technology, Red Light Therapy and a dynamic cross border product line. All designed to meet the modern skincare needs of China's busy urban consumers. More information: 

BrighterBeauty 碧科美是秉承下一代零售概念的高科技护肤品牌。品牌将科技与互动相融合,倾心打造能够反映中国消费者生活方式的现代OMO体验,使线上线下体验无缝连接。该系统于2019年6月14日上线,线下体验店位于上海市中心静安区的丰盛里。Odoo为以下客户体验流程提供解决方案,包括Visia专业肌肤检测、配方定制、3A科技喷雾技术、红光美肤和跨境电商产品系列。品牌的服务与产品都是为满足现代都市繁忙人群能够快速高效护肤设计而成。更多信息: