Vauxoo Strikes Gold in Mexico

Headquarters: Mexico (Colima, MX)
Number of Employees: 52 Employees

Number of Implementations: 150 Companies

Partnership Year: 2007

Services Offered: Implementations; Application Development; Extra Integrations; Technical Trainings; Functional Trainings, Localizations; Support Services

The Humble Beginnings of Vauxoo

At the age of 18, Nhomar Hernandez saw the vast potential in computer technology. At the time he had no technical background and barely understood how to use Microsoft word, but he decided to study Mechanical Engineering at the Mechanical Engineering University in Valencia, Venezuela. As he pursued his studies further, he began to focus on computer-aided mechanical design. This combined knowledge of mechanistic and digital systems spurred a passion for process automation in Nhomar. While at the University he founded his first company which provided administrative computer services for Venezuelan software. He was certified as a Microsoft Technology Associate and an SAP implementer. He worked with large on-premise software for years and constantly ran into limitations with their flexibility and customizability.

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Nhomar Hernandez at the office

It was during this time when he first investigated open source technologies and began working with Linux. That investigation led to the discovery of Odoo (at the time called OpenERP).

Shortly after he founded Vauxoo with a few friends in 2008. One of the co-founders was Humberto Arocha who actually taught Nhomar how to use a computer. Today, Vauxoo is one of Odoo’s best partners. As a gold partner since 2012 they have facilitated over 150 implementations, has an annual customer retention rate of 99%, and has trained more than 500 people worldwide on Odoo. Vauxoo has over 50 employees in 4 countries (Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, and Canada). Their mission is to make the daily management tasks of a company as simple as possible so that they can focus on generating value for their products and their market. Their long-term vision is to turn Odoo into the most installed business process management system in the world with the highest percentage of happy users.   

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- The official Vauxoo trademark.  

Abastotal Success Story

Vauxoo’s retention rate speaks volumes to the quality of their customer service and dedication to problem-solving. In fact, Vauxoo’s very first customer from 2008 is still with them today. A great example of the enormous value that Vauxoo brings is their implementation of Odoo for Abastotal. Abastotal sells consumer goods to wholesale distributors and end consumers at a very competitive cost and through a more modern method than their competitors. Before Odoo and Vauxoo, they were just a startup without any tools to support their entry, and soon-to-be rapid growth, into the consumer goods market. In fact, Vauxoo got involved in before Abastotal had any systems built out.

Abastotal was almost a blank slate for Vauxoo to work with. Vauxoo came in and integrated their 3 main sales channels, built out BI dashboards, integrated an eCommerce website with their inventory and sales, and helped them integrate their B2B and B2C processes. Vauxoo created the Mexican localization for Odoo’s Accounting software and integrated all of Abastotal’s workflows to seamlessly integrate with accounting, inventory, and manufacturing. Now Abastotal’s revenue is growing at an unprecedented 20% per month and their Alexa web ranking is now within the top 10,000 in Mexico.This is just one of the many cases in which Vauxoo came in and solved a complex, multi-faceted problem through a speedy implementation, well-tailored customizations, and stellar customer service.  

Vauxoo + Odoo

Nhomar cites 5 major reasons for his choice to partner with Odoo: it is open source, constantly and rapidly evolving, written in python, natively in Linux, and captained by Fabien Pinckaers, whose philosophies on life and technology are similar to his own. It was a bold decision to align with the then-unknown-OpenERP which only had 20 employees globally at the time (currently over 400). For Nhomar, open source software best served his goal of helping people. Once he recognizes an issue or notices an improvement that can be made, he can instantly update the source code to enhance the experience for everyone else.

"The key to our success is working with Odoo, not for, against, or without. This business is about relationships, more than it is about software."

Nhomar Hernandez, CEO and Founder of Vauxoo

Open source allows Vauxoo to easily bridge the gap between the current offerings and what can best serve the customer. With Odoo, Vauxoo has the freedom to move faster than a partnership with a big company could allow. As Nhomar put it, “You don’t need to have 100 books to understand how Odoo works. You can simply open the source code, read it and you can see how it works. If you know how to read the code you can become an Odoo expert in a year.”  

Odoo CMS - a big picture

- Vauxoo Headquarters

About Vauxoo

They are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone’s life through disruptive products. They build great products to solve your business problems. Their products are designed for small to medium size companies willing to optimize their performance. 

Thanks to the constant effort of their team and the highest standards of quality that they integrate into our development process, they have been awarded by Odoo with the highest distinctions since 2012. Their goal is to keep delivering value to companies from Latin America by applying the best methodologies

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