Leaping Over "2025 Digital Cliff": Alubena Empowers Japanese SMEs with Odoo DX

Company Name: ALUBENA Inc. 
Country: Japan
Year of Establishment: 2023
Industry: IT Consultancy
Service Offered: DX/IT Planning Concept, Business Design & Realization, Data/IT Utilization

Established in January 2023, Alubena Inc. is an IT consultancy in Japan whose strength lies in developing ERP solutions from planning to implementation. The consultancy proves the quality of its services by climbing the ranks to Odoo Gold Partner in less than a year's time, serving companies such as GLAVIS Architects Inc., LEOC Co.,Ltd., Onodera User Run, and more.

A report by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) states that the country may risk losing competitive advantage and suffering up to ¥12 trillion loss per year after 2025 if local companies fail to drive revenue growth by digitizing business operations. This is attributed to the aging systems that are currently in use. Today, 20% of mission-critical systems are older than 20 years and will increase to 60% by 2025. It is also the same year that popular systems, including SAP and Windows 7, complete their terms of service. This may lead to the following business management problems:

  1. Lack of compatibility with modern technology which limits team efficiency
  2. Data security vulnerability to maintain and support multiple standalone systems

With its area of expertise in corporate digital transformation and knowledge in Odoo, Alubena is a much-needed ally in the modern business scene in Japan, where many companies find themselves countable steps away from the "2025 Digital Cliff."

Serving the Japanese Market

Japanese companies often refrain from digital transformation for two major reasons, and Alubena offers precisely tailored services to guarantee a smooth transition. 

Budget & Time Cost 

It takes a holistic approach to digitally transform a business—from HR and finance to project and inventory management—which can cost a pretty penny. This speaks especially to SMEs, where most resources are dedicated to daily operations. 

With years of experience leading DX projects in companies of various sizes, Nakabayashi Kosuke, co-founder of Alubena, understands the struggle and sees his team as the best fit for the digital transformation of local businesses with Odoo. 

Thanks to the system's modularity and budget-friendly pricing plan, Odoo eases companies' way into digitization. 

We believe Odoo will become one of the best optimal business management software for small and medium-sized businesses.

Nakabayashi Kosuke • Co-founder of Alubena

For SMEs with limited human resources, Odoo offers a full suite of services, which includes anything from administration to manufacturing and inventory management. Owing to a simple pricing plan and the potential to digitize all operations in every department one app at a time, Alubena believes Odoo meets the needs of Japanese companies for an all-in-one system that is easy to start and expand. 

Likewise for MNCs. The Odoo partner's experience handling numerous DX projects has shown how Odoo allows local businesses to overcome hesitations during business digitization. Unlike other software like SAP, which often requires simultaneous implementation across all departments that sometimes leads to distraction and challenges in prioritizing projects, Odoo contributes to a more seamless transition without compromising productivity. 

With Odoo's Quickstart Implementation Methodology and its modular nature, Alubena helps clients implement Odoo into the departments to replace operations where they've encountered the most issues, be it time-consuming approval processes or miscommunications, to name a few. After a successful start, the partner will gradually introduce the system into other departments, ensuring a seamless transition that avoids long implementation periods and compromised productivity to adapt to the new system.

Professional Support

The second factor in the way of digitization in Japan is the scarcity of IT professionals. According to METI, there was a shortage of 170,000 IT specialists in 2015, which is estimated to widen to 430,000 in 2025. And among the 4 million companies in the country, with 99.7% being SMEs, only under 30% have undergone digital transformation. 

Acutely aware of the above, the consultancy combines the team's extensive experience in DX in the manufacturing sector, which accounts for 65% of the country's economy as of 2022, with the power of some of Odoo's most loved apps, for instance, Manufacturing, Inventory, Maintenance, Purchase, and more, to improve the client's business operations for a more streamlined and integrated sales, logistics, inventory, and production management facilitated by data centralization and real-time information flow. 

The Gold partner also prides itself on delivering high-quality service. Even with regular updates, Odoo is easy for end users to pick up because of its intuitive design and easy customization. In the long run, the Alubena-Odoo alliance not only maintains the clients' workflow efficiency but also provides consultation to in-house staff of the latest DX technologies to compensate for the shortage of IT expertise within the organizations.

A Win-Win Odoo Partnership

In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity. Facing the "2025 Digital Cliff" in the post-pandemic era, the Land of the Rising Sun sees the need for digital transformation soaring ever-high. 

Alubena, committed to empowering local businesses with cutting-edge business management technologies, seizes this opportunity. As an Odoo Gold Partner, the consultancy collaborates on Odoo events in Japan, effectively enhancing brand awareness. This partnership also ensures a stable relationship with Odoo, providing Alubena with regular sales, functional, technical, and marketing support, as well as a consistent influx of new leads.

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Alubena Inc.

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