ICode: Bringing Innovative IT Solutions to Belarus and Russia

Headquarters: Moscow, Russia
Partnership year: 2017
Number of employees: 30
Service offered: Implementation, Odoo application development, Mobile application development, Software development, IoT
Number of Odoo implementations: 17

It’s a Match!

After spending some years working with various ERPs, Sergey Ginko, CEO of ICode decided it was time to find a new system that fits all the market requirements. Previous software systems ICode had worked with 

After carrying out in-depth analysis, Sergey came across Odoo and found it to be a system that would meet the needs of enterprises in a way previous systems were unable to. In addition, Odoo has no restrictions and endless possibilities for customization. Thanks to this, ICode quickly identified this would be a great opportunity to expand the capabilities and skills of ICode developers and give space for the team to work on something new.

Since 2017, ICode has rapidly grown with Odoo. They are now an official Odoo Partner in Belarus and Russia and in just three years, the company’s staff has quadrupled. So far, ICode has completed 17 implementations and continues to strive towards providing technological solutions to make their client’s businesses more efficient. 

ICode not only delivers Odoo as a solution to clients, they also use it internally. With the website app, they were able to create their very own website within a short space of time. Daily, the company uses; Projects, Invoices, CRM, Hiring, Employees, Accounting, Expenses, Email Marketing, eLearning, Timesheets and Day Off. As all the applications are integrated, ICode’s work speed is significantly increased allowing them to focus the majority of their time on clients.

Implementing Odoo with ICode

A typical implementation takes between 6-24 months depending on the size of the business. Each Odoo implementation consists of the following steps: requirements collection, analysis, architecture development, development, testing, implementation and support. 

When beginning a project, the company examines all factors that may influence the outcome, such as incoming and outgoing data flows, data duplications and so on. After conducting a comprehensive review, they analyze which processes could be reduced or eliminated after automation. This helps to cut expenses and increase efficiency for customers.

ICode’s first Odoo implementation was a huge project which led to the creation of a TMS (Transport Management System) application based in Odoo. With this new system, the client was able to:

  • Manage documents for cargo transportation by road;

  • Develop and implement the document exchange functionality within the system;

  • Develop a factoring functionality, conduct accounting entries in double entry mode;

  • Preliminary calculation of the cost of transportation and maintain control of transportation in real time.

Production automation is the most frequent request to ICode. Companies looking to automate production often have a multitude of processes that are closely interlinked and Odoo takes this into account. All the nuances of its interaction make the work the most effective and is what clients have valued.

For ICode, Odoo has many advantages that set it apart from the previous systems they used. One of those advantages is Odoo’s speed and flexibility. The software can be adjusted to any processes built by the client and missing functions can be developed. The open-source system removes restrictions on developments. The second advantage ICode found is that Odoo works best on Linux servers, which provides high security for business and reduces infrastructure costs.

All in all, ICode has found, for developers Odoo is a powerful platform to create new business applications and for clients Odoo is an all in one software that is easy to use and has a friendly interface. In addition, Odoo has helped to avoid multiple solutions for businesses. For example, a website and an online store are written in WordPress or Bitrix, accounting - in 1C, and so on. Diverse solutions do not lead to harmony but instead increase maintenance costs. At ICode, they strive to make business processes easier and combine several systems in one; thanks to Odoo they are now able to do this. 

About ICode

ICode is a company specializing in development of integrated management solutions for businesses of any size and scope. The company is one of the few providing services in automation of business processes using Odoo in Belarus and Russia. ICode clients are small, medium and large businesses from Belarus, Russia, EU and the USA. ICode employees have backgrounds and expertise in a variety of different spheres of business. 

Their goal is not only to introduce Odoo, but to also help clients to optimize their business processes. That’s why their customers trust them and collaboration is efficient. 

Learn more about ICode at: http://icodelab.ru/   https://icode.by/

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