What's new in Odoo POS?
Get closer to your customers and handle any tricky transaction

Along with the new Odoo Online 2015 Summer Release come various updates and improvements to our already well-featured Point Of Sale. But what kind of improvement?

Well, what we really did is fit into your shoes. We worked out what were the main challenges that you, behind your shop's cashier or in your restaurant hall, were facing. And with that in mind, we developed whole new functionalities to help out with the trickiest parts of the job and to keep your service to the top!

So, what's new? 

POS Restaurant

The main change is surely the special Restaurant interface from within the POS. To make things simpler, we decided to create a fully customizable floor design where you can add all your tables, determine the number of seats around each table, give it a colour, a name and place it exactly as it is in real-life.

But that is definitely not the only improvement. We decided to make the ordering even quicker and easier with a seamless interface between the hall, the kitchen, the bar… You can now use a printer in each of these places, so that when you place an order for a table, it is automatically printed in the kitchen and bar. No more delay, no more misunderstanding, all orders are written down and well understood by everyone!

Another new feature that restaurants will adore is the ability to split bills. It's very common to get tables full of people that each want to pay for exactly what they ordered, and most of the time, Point Of Sale systems don't allow to do that. Well, that is no longer the case for Odoo POS! You can now create new separate bills from orders placed at one table and let people each pay their part separately.


Among other functionalities for the POS are the possibility to print a bill before it is paid, and you can now also easily manage tips given to your personnel.

Other POS improvements 

Added to the POS Restaurant, we also brought some other improvements to the normal POS that will help you deliver even better service.

Want to reward your customers, and eventually drive engagement from them to keep them as customers? It's now a simple task thanks to a complete integration of loyalty programs! You can create a rewarding system with points, and customize the way the points are awarded. Give points for visits, for products, for amounts spent, and create bonuses and discounts when reaching a certain level.

Another function we added is the possibility to offer discounts on the fly. When adding products to the order, just one click on the Discount button allows you to place the amount discounted.

We also took care of the POS interface to make it easier to use, faster, and better looking. We've created shortcuts to product categories so you can find exactly what you are looking for more easily and quickly. 

All in all, these new features will make sure you can: 

  • Deliver orders placed in restaurants more easily, faster, and with less error

  • Answer any tricky requests in terms of split bills

  • Create a long-lasting relationship with your customers

  • Save more time with a sleek, simple and powerful interface

With all these new features, you should be ready to deliver the best service! 

Try it now! 

Check our Point Of Sale page to discover all its features!

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