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Sophia Eribo (ser)

Cool company, cool servers... Happy April 1, 2015 ;)

Phenomenal growth over the last year (and especially since the release of Odoo 8) means our servers are on overdrive. Monitoring the environment conditions in a data center is critical to ensuring uptime and system reliability.  

We are extremely happy to have so many new Odoo fans and users and in order to keep our servers in optimum condition, we've opened a new data centre in the northeastern town of Dalvík , in the Icelandic municipality of Dalvíkurbyggð.  

Known mainly for its fishing community, Dalvik is also the newest hotspot in Iceland’s growing technology sector, with an increasing number of start ups and forward thinkers.

Most importantly, the climate in north east Iceland is perfect for making sure our Odoo servers are kept at a constant cool temperature, avoiding overheating and fluctuations.  Following in the footsteps of other IT giants that have moved their servers to Scandinavia, we too have made the move to the land of Vikings and cool design and we'll continue to keep your data safe and provide a seamless service.

Did you fall for our little joke? Odoo wishes you a happy April 1, 2015 :)

þakka þér og hafa a ágætur dagur!

(thank you and have a nice day!) 

Did you fall for our little joke? Odoo wishes you a happy April 1, 2015 :)


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