Helping Associations Fighting COVID-19

We offer our product & services to help organisations on the front line of the fight against the virus

These are exceptional and challenging times for all of us. Never did I think I would put my 700 collaborators in remote working overnight [1]. Many of us have been self-isolating/social distancing, but that has not been the case for all. Many associations have been on the frontline against the pandemic, and for that, we are grateful beyond words can express. 

In our business, we can’t be physically there to help, but we’d like to do our part. This is why in times of crisis, we’ve decided to offer our services to associations active against the COVID-19. In total, 50 associations that urgently need a management system can benefit from free implementation, service, subscription, and hosting. 

This offer is a direct consequence of the project that we implemented at no costs for “Protezione Civile”, the national body in Italy that deals with the management of emergency events. The COVID-19 crisis in Italy increased the demand for help and material. A management software was urgently needed, so we did it in 24h [2]

A few other projects are currently underway, like Breath4Life, a project undertaken by volunteer engineers and industries working on developing an open-source respiratory. To manufacture and manage the whole production, Breath4Life needs a software like Odoo.

With the current containment, Odoo consultants, who work on implementing projects, have less work to do in this period. People are our priority, and in this time, Odoo prefers to work pro-bono on solidarity projects rather than doing temporary unemployment. Solidarity has never been more important than in these times. 

Thank you to all those who have been on the frontline of this pandemic. If you know a project that has distribution, logistic, or project management challenges, contact Catherine: cvi AT odoo DOT com, and we can help you.

We will come back stronger than before and more united than ever.

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