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OpenERP becomes Odoo

What a day it was yesterday - such a big day for us! In case you still feel a bit puzzled about all of our yesterday's announcements, here is a little summary for you.

We have decided to change the name because "OpenERP" didn't reflect the offering of the company anymore. With our newest apps, such as Website Builder, PoS or eCommerce, we have moved beyond the ERP territory. But don't worry, Odoo is and always will be fully open source. You can read more about the new name here.

We have also prepared a short FAQ to explain all these changes to all of you.

New logo

With a new name comes a new logo. Odoo's logo is very simple and its purple color symbolizes creativity, originality and innovation. We prepared a page dedicated to brand assets, so you can have access to everything you need.

$10 Millions in funding

After years of rapid growth, we are very happy to announce that we managed to secure a new round of funding - $10 milion that will be used to support our R&D and our commercial growth. Have a look at our official press release for more detailed information.

New pricing

New name, new logo, new many changes in one day! But there is one more - we also changed the pricing, because we wanted a price that better reflects usage of Odoo apps. Through this change, we make Odoo accessible and easier to start for smaller companies. For instance, we are offering Odoo totally for free for very small businesses with up to 2 users. To make sure our more advanced business clients get the extra service they need, we offer the "business pack" with customization and unlimited support. We continue to offer Odoo for larger companies through our incredible network of 550+ partners globally. Odoo has something for everyone! And of course, our suite of business apps is fully integrated and totally open source.

To understand the new model of pricing, you can read this special pricing FAQ and you can visit our website and make simulations in our new pricing page.

Community: from Launchpad to Github, and much more

With announcement of the new name, we have also decided to switch from Launchpad to Github. There are other changes for the community we are announcing, such as as revamped documentation (in progress), a new help platform, revised community mailing lists, and a list of certified engineers.

New website

Last but not least, as you have seen, we have a brand new website. Discover the magic of Odoo now!

And to make sure you won't miss anything about Odoo in the future, you can join our community mailing lists and follow us on social media.


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