Xo2: Distilling Ecommerce Operations With Odoo

Country: Gold Coast (HQ), Australia
Industry: Cleaning, Hygiene and Washroom Products
Apps Implemented: eCommerce, Website, POS, CRM, Sales, Accounting, Purchase, Inventory
Number of Users: 20 Users
Integrating Partner: WilldooIT
Interviewee: David Blamire

XO2 is a family owned company with a history dating back to 1968. The Blamire family has been running the business since 1999, when it was born under the name Total Supply Solutions. What began as a humble business run out of a garage, took a turn in 2001, when it moved to a new building and merged with another business, Hallam Shaws, founded in 1968. In 2014, Total Supply Solutions was rebranded as XO2 to better communicate who they really were as a brand and to prepare for national expansion.

XO2 specializes in supplying cleaning, hygiene and washroom products to business facilities throughout Australia. Their mission is to empower clients with products that create inspiring, happy and healthy environments where people work, stay, learn and heal. The name XO2 represents an emotional response; the X and O represent a feeling (XXOO) that the company wants people to have when partnering with them and experiencing their products and systems. The 2 represents the science of their approach and the partnership they hold with their clients.


Why did you choose Odoo?

XO2 distributes a large range of products, which are sold in a many different combinations of product variations and packaging options, and have a complex pricing structure. We had tried several commercial products and management solutions prior to Odoo, however, none of these truly met our needs. We were using a local ERP product, which had been heavily customized, but in addition to that we still needed spreadsheets to manage other areas of the business. The biggest problem with our previous solutions were their inabilities to develop a functional eCommerce website for our business. Our products are so complex that we found it impossible to implement a satisfactory eCommerce solution, although we desperately needed one.

Odoo’s eCommerce features provided a vision of a fully integrated solution, which could provide XO2 with a streamlined sales and distribution channel, incorporating full financial and after-sales marketing features. XO2 chose WilldooIT as their implementation partner to customize Odoo specifically to manage their complex product structure. WilldooIT also provided suitable maintenance and user-interfaces for the back-end sales functions and the complex eCommerce ordering features required for the front-end.

The Blamire brothers, Chris and David, co-CEOs of XO2

What is your experience with Odoo?

At XO2 we needed a solution able to handle the unique manner in which we sell and price our products. Additionally, we wanted to minimize the overhead of maintaining such a system. WilldooIT delivered exactly that, an ideal solution with some customizations to perfectly fit our business, and for a reasonable price.

Odoo has given us a solution with seemingly no limitations. It required a lot of resources to implement, mainly due to the complexity of our products, but now it provides us with a very solid foundation for further streamlining of our processes.

“You just can’t have limitations when you are trying to provide a great experience to your customers and make them say WOW. Odoo has helped us give our clients the WOW factor.” 

David Blamire, CEO

How would you describe the situation since implementing Odoo?

We are now experiencing some return on the investment we have made in the system, and this is particularly evident in the area of eCommerce. We really appreciate the flexibility and integrated nature of Odoo. The feedback from clients and team members has been really positive, and it’s been nice to see orders from new and existing clients come in through our new online store. With our integrated Odoo solution, our orders are being delivered to our clients at a level above and beyond their expectations. The new online store even achieved sales on par with our brick and mortar store within the first month of launching. Now we are looking forward to continuously working with it in order to achieve our plan to grow our business throughout Australia.

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About WilldooIT - An Odoo Gold Partner

WilldooIT is Australia’s first and only Odoo Gold Partner, and the most experienced and awarded Austrialian supplier of Odoo in the Asia/Pacific. They first became a partner in 2009, and since then they’ve successfully implemented Odoo in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. Their customers come from a range of business sectors and sizes, including warehousing and logistics, not-for-profit, international franchising, retail, online distribution and professional training. Regardless of the your company’s size or sector, their in-house team ensures that your Odoo implementation delivers exceptional value to your business.

WilldooIT is a proud Australian IT company with over 60 years of experience and expertise in the analysis, project management and technical skills that are vital to the success of your ERP implementation. WilldooIT’s mission is to provide expert professional services to ensure that your ERP implementation is successful and delivers a platform for further growth. WilldooIT is a trusted Odoo partner that earned their Gold Partner status in early 2017.


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