Thien Thuy Moc: A Top-Down Digital Transformation with Odoo

Company: Thien Thuy Moc
Country: Vietnam

Implementation Partner: IZIsolution

Industry: eCommerce, Beauty

Company Size: 500+ employees

Odoo Apps Implemented:  Purchase, Inventory, Sales, CRM, Accounting, Employee

The Company

Thien Thuy Moc was founded in 2004 with an aim to revolutionize the Vietnamese beauty industry. The company proved its determination by collaborating with global beauty brands and by opening over twenty shops & spas (with an outstanding personnel of over 500 beauty professionals). Thien Thuy Moc's ongoing success lies in the digital advancement of its operations, after it outgrew traditional ERP solutions and implemented Odoo.

The Aging Regimen

Prior to using Odoo, Thien Thuy Moc used Bravosoft for accounting operations and Pronto for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). In the early stages, the company’s in-house consultants persisted with rigid customizations and challenging user interfaces. However, after expanding new branches, the bottlenecks in online sales and customer services started to pile up and eventually fell through. They realized that both systems declined productivity and failed to fulfill the evolving business needs. In more familiar terms, it was an aging regimen in disguise.

The company then decided to move on to a modern ERP solution that could support its expansion goals and smooth out wrinkles from the business dilemma.

The Top-Down Digital Transformation

Thien Thuy Moc decided to employ Odoo over alternative ERP solutions after discovering the software’s distinct and dynamic features: open-source, flexible customizations, user-friendly interface, integrated applications, and more. To learn how they could best utilize Odoo, the company consulted Vietnamese IT experts from the Odoo community. The group of ten community members soon founded ‘IZISolution’ and kickstarted their first implementation project with Thien Thuy Moc. They were set for a grand mission, to guide Vietnamese businesses towards operational success with Odoo.

“We decided to work with IZIsolution as they are very passionate about helping businesses in Vietnam grow and succeed. We are happy to maintain our years-long relationship with their highly-skilled and supportive consultants on the way to business expansion.”

After the consultation and GAP analysis, Thien Thuy Moc was confident in Odoo’s top-down digital transformation capabilities. In the first stage of its implementation, it employed Purchase, Inventory, Sales, and CRM apps to support all central operations.

Odoo’s Purchase and Inventory apps allowed the company to take its warehouse organization to another level through a double-entry inventory system. Its employees now track every stock move and enjoy total traceability. Odoo helped the company improve its supply chain & inventory performance and saved a significant amount of time and costs with automated features (RFQs and replenishments).

Endorsing a large brand, Thien Thuy Moc has a predictably vast customer database. With Odoo’s Sales and CRM apps, the sales team can access customers’ activity history at their fingertips. Besides that, they find it much easier to close deals with neatly-organized sales pipelines and automated quotations. As they place a high priority on customer relations, Odoo’s performance analytics helps them build sustainable relationships with their clientele.

In the second stage of implementation, the company added Accounting and Employee Odoo apps to their system.

Thien Thuy Moc saw exponential growth in productivity with the four core Odoo apps and decided to streamline its most complex business operation, Accounting. The app now allows its accountants to store and consolidate thousands of journal entries while aligning with all regulatory and legal frameworks. Its accounts can now integrate with all of its business operations and minimize significant amounts of errors.

"Odoo helps us manage our operations with absolute efficiency. We have seen distinct improvements as we are able to operate faster and make more accurate decisions than before."

The Record-breaking Solution

As more and more partners attained Gold Partnership, IZISolution recognized the benefits of the qualification and worked hard to achieve it in early 2020. The once-community member achieved its Gold Partnership certification after 3 months of steadfast dedication

With 5 years of expertise in Odoo implementations, IZISolution was undoubtedly a seasoned player in its field. The partner is also a trusted and popular IT solution provider in Vietnam’s community. Therefore it was able to meet the ‘Gold standards’ and succeed at a record-breaking speed. The partner company accredits its success to Odoo's knowledge platform and its team’s positivity and perseverance.

“We have studied the implementation documentation and the “How to Make a Great Demo” document countless times. We coach our staff based on Odoo materials as they are very resourceful and enable us to offer top-quality services to our customers.”

About IZISolution

IZISolution focuses on providing unparalleled services and competitive pricing, among other ERP solution providers in Vietnam. Its team has helped more than 50 enterprises from diverse industries to optimize operations with Odoo. The partner has been delivering successful ERP projects thanks to its customer-centric approach on every step of implementation. IZISolution also maintains top-quality services by recruiting high caliber talents and prioritizes its employee growth. The key to its success has been excellent communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity! (The 4C’s of Synergy)


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