Tadbeer Auto Parts Growth with Odoo

"Our productivity shot up by 90% since we started, and following up with clients became 70% better because of Odoo, as it is processed automatically."
 Mohammed Aziz • Owner of Tadbeer Auto Parts

Who are Tadbeer Auto Parts

Company Name: Tadbeer Auto Parts
Country: Bahrain
Industry: Automotive Trading and Distribution
Number of Odoo Users: 13
Account Manager: Jad Issa

Established in 2019 by a group of investors to cater to the growing needs for auto parts in the Bahrain market, Tadbeer expanded shortly after to other Gulf markets. Tadbeer, "Sourcing or Procuring" in Arabic, believes that the market has an enormous demand for auto parts availability and convenience. The company's mission is to fulfill that gap by "Tadbeer" and present it quickly and conveniently to clients.

Optimizing the Sales cycle​

On the path to their digital transformation, there were many hurdles. The first one is the endless number of spare parts for car brands and models. Car models could sometimes use the same spare part across different manufacturing years, whereas the same car model could not use the same part because it has different specs (GCC, US, Asia). Such a variety in the products makes it difficult to onboard new employees. It would take them months to accumulate the necessary knowledge and remember which part is compatible with which car model.

With Odoo in the sales application, a complicated task became simple. Employees only need to enter the car model, year, and SPECs, then Odoo will show them a list of parts compatible with this model. 

"As a business owner, the Sales Application is one of my favorites, and it helped me hire salespeople who can start selling from day one," said Mohammed Aziz, Business owner.

Inventory Workflow Challenge

Another challenge was tracking all this information, sale orders, purchase orders, and inventory stock levels in Excel. Each car has different specs (GCC, American, Asia), plus each part has a unique OEM Number (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Moreover, this information needs to be stored with each part. As a result, tracking each part number would mean the Excel sheet would have more than 4000 lines. Thus, consuming a lot of the employee's time throughout the day, distracting them from what is important. Because the employees would enter the information one by one in Excel, when the time came to extract all the sales information, it took even more time to do so.

Odoo's Inventory application, in this instance, was able to resolve this issue with ease. For example, each part will have all the information linked to it (OEM, compatible cars, item tracking number), as well as the current location, sale order reservation, and forecasted quantities. Therefore, knowing the exact location of every part at any given moment yields better-informed discussions.

Restructuring the Purchase workflow through Odoo Apps

Tadbeer trades both locally and internationally. This could sometimes be tricky as each vendor provides a specific OEM number with the car part. And since all the information is easily stored on the product in Odoo, purchasing changed from a struggle to a simple task. As each part already has an OEM linked to it. Additionally, with the "Purchase Agreements" feature, it was a plus to compare multiple RFQs for the best prices and lead time, making educated decisions rather than guessing which is better.

Accounting and Dashboards

This takes us to the accounting part. For Tadbeer, the best feature in the accounting app was granting customers a one-click online access to their invoices. Another headache was following up with late payments, especially with multiple invoices. Odoo alleviated the workflow by utilizing the follow-up levels feature, sending automatic reminder emails regarding late payments, making it a seamless solution. As Mohammed stated: "Following up with clients became 70% better because of Odoo, as everything is processed automatically". Another time saver was the analytic accounting feature, which proved to be an exceptional reporting tool for Tadbeer, making it simple to access sales margins and other reports. "These features made it easier for one accountant to do the job of two!" said Mohammed Aziz.

"The Dashboards application is perfect for a business owner because we can look at all the numbers we're used to seeing on Excel directly on Odoo since it's well connected and updates every second," said Mohammed Aziz.

Main Apps implemented

Purchase, Inventory, Sales, Accounting, Invoicing, Studio.

Tadbeer Auto Parts