Streamlining Furniture Trading with Odoo: Clay General Trading's Success Story

Clay General Trading

Company Name: Clay General Trading
Country: UAE
Industry: Manufacturing
Main Apps: Purchase, Inventory, Sales, Accounting, CRM, Project
Number of Odoo Users: 6
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Neha Sheikh
Odoo Implementing Consultants: Yazeed Abubaker, Yousef Alsheikh

In the bustling landscape of UAE's furniture and home accessories market, Clay General Trading stands out as a prominent player. Representing a diverse array of European brands, including those from France, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, and the UK, Clay offers both ready-to-purchase and customizable products, catering to a discerning clientele. With a focus on personalized solutions, Clay encountered various operational challenges that were impeding their growth. This is where Odoo stepped in to revolutionize their processes and enhance their overall efficiency.

CRM and Opportunity Management

One of Clay's initial pain points was effectively managing leads and opportunities. The company relied on Mailchimp to track clients, but this system lacked integration and was cumbersome. With Odoo's CRM module, Clay now seamlessly captures potential leads acquired through various channels. Whether from walk-ins at the showroom or connections, Odoo centralizes this data. The CRM tool streamlines communication and opportunity tracking, allowing Clay's team to nurture leads and enhance their sales strategy.

Quotation and Sales Order Workflow

Customization is the cornerstone of Clay's business. However, handling tailored quotes and sales orders was proving intricate. Odoo's Quotation and Sales Order feature now enable the easy creation of quotes specifying colors, sizes, materials, and finishes. The solution integrates fixed price lists, ensuring accurate pricing. Upon receiving a 50% prepayment, the quote is converted into a sales order, streamlining the process and reducing manual intervention.

Procurement and Supplier Collaboration

Dealing with multiple international suppliers presented another challenge for Clay. Odoo's procurement workflow revolutionized their supplier interactions. The system facilitates communication with suppliers and manufacturers, automating order placement and tracking. This module also handles stock reservations and integrates with currency exchange rates, which is vital for international transactions. Payment terms and lead times are managed with precision, optimizing supplier relationships.

Quality Inspection and Returns Management

Maintaining quality standards is paramount in the furniture industry. Clay's previous approach to quality inspection and returns was convoluted. Odoo's solution allows for rigorous quality checks upon receiving products. Damaged items are returned, and credit notes are issued seamlessly. This enhanced returns management ensures customer satisfaction while simplifying accounting processes.

Expenses and Financial Management

Recording diverse expenses and managing financial data efficiently was a challenge for Clay. Odoo's Expense module offers a comprehensive solution. The company now records expenses, including utilities and salaries, with ease. Moreover, the module allows for clear segregation of direct and indirect expenses. Invoice receipt via email alias streamlines expense tracking, enhancing financial transparency.


Clay General Trading's journey with Odoo has been transformative. From overcoming complex customization challenges to streamlining procurement and enhancing financial management, Odoo's suite of applications has been Clay's strategic partner. By addressing pain points with tailored solutions, Odoo has enabled Clay to optimize operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and pave the way for future growth. In the competitive realm of furniture trading, Clay's success story stands as a testament to the power of seamless integration and efficiency that Odoo brings to the table.

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