SCL Rotterdam: Providing Tailored Offers with Odoo Fleet

Company: SCL Rotterdam 

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Industry: Transportation

Partner name: erp|open

Main Apps implemented: Fleet, Sales, Purchase, Accounting

Company Size: 50

Number of Odoo Users: 35

About SCL Rotterdam

SCL Rotterdam is an international, full-service provider for the import, export, and wholesale of vehicles. They provide efficient solutions, in which they transport customers' cars to another country. 

They transport vehicles around the world for private individuals, car companies, wholesalers, traders, and importers. From vintage cars and motorcycles to sports cars and electric vehicles, SCL Rotterdam provides safe, worldwide transport, efficient license plate registrations, and fast delivery. 

Automotive and logistics under one roof; this company has completely integrated solutions for everything related to cars and transport. SCL Rotterdam helps you from A to Z, with sophisticated services where (and when) you need them. Your vehicle(s) will always promptly arrive at your door, ready to drive. 

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A Time For Change

In the early days of operation, processes and data were managed with several Excel-sheets and a homemade access application. As the company grew, SCL Rotterdam looked for a system that would best fit their processes at that point in time.

In 2009, SCL Rotterdam decided to go for a logistics software system. In the years following the implementation of this logistics software system, the company heavily diversified. More and more services were added, in addition to departments, and completely new business processes. 

The company concluded that the simple logistics system was not enough to cover the company’s entire workflow. To cover the new requirements, a few new tools were programmed in-house, and departments increasingly used Google Sheets to maintain their data and monitor processes. 

Seven years later, they reviewed their internal architecture and realized there were many opportunities to increase efficiency. In short, they needed a proper software solution for their company. A major pain point they needed to fix was the inefficiency of working in many different systems across departments. This caused double data entries because the data wasn’t centrally available. In other words, it was time for a change.

Tailored Offers with Odoo Fleet

With Odoo implementation partner, erp|open, SCL Rotterdam implemented the following Odoo applications: Fleet, Sales, Purchase, and Accounting. 

With the Fleet application, SCL Rotterdam is able to match customers to existing offers. Configurations have been made to SCL’s solution, so the company can see what the customer is interested in, and what they’ve previously bought. With the press of a button, SCL Rotterdam is able to make a list of preferences and send tailored offers to each customer. 

Over time, the service provider has seen more and more possibilities open up. “I really see Odoo as a package deal: you will be inspired by its flexibility and all the amazing possibilities it has. Odoo can give you new ideas about new apps and your business development. Ideas you wouldn’t have thought about without Odoo,” says Frank Vogler, IT and Marketing Manager at SCL Rotterdam.

When implementing their Odoo solution, SCL Rotterdam found Odoo did not have the limitations they found with other ERP-systems. Odoo fit in well with what they had in mind, particularly when it came to integration with the other software system SCL was using for the logistics department. This smooth integration confirmed that Odoo was the system they needed.

SCL Rotterdam employees have been very enthusiastic about Odoo since the beginning. In the past, they had used various different tools in an unstructured manner, so Odoo was quickly embraced. What the employees needed most was a centralized, user-friendly application. Odoo’s ease-of-use has really helped employees a great deal.

When opening the main menu, employees have found the interface looks similar to the interface of a smartphone, with all the apps laid out in a friendly manner. The Odoo app itself also works great, and is fantastic for users to access the database from anywhere.

Vogler says, "I think Odoo has thought very carefully from the perspective of the user experience, and just making it intuitive, making it simple for users. I also notice that the employees really enjoy working with it".

Thanks to Odoo, SCL now has its data centralized, and is able to overcome the limits that were previously imposed by other ERP systems. Knowing they’re working with a system that continues to develop and grow, just like their business, gives them great hopes for the future.

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