Sar al Helu Ahla: Crafting a Legacy of Excellence with Odoo at Hallab 1881 Group

Hallab 1881

Company Name: Hallab 1881
Country: Lebanon
Industry: Manufacturing
Main Apps: Purchase, Sales, Accounting, Invoicing, Manufacturing, Inventory, Repairs, Survey, Help Desk, Point of Sale, eCommerce, Website, Project, Timesheets, Planning
Number of Odoo Users: 61
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Osama Alotaibi
Odoo Implementing Partner: Azkatech

In the bustling world of Oriental sweets, Halab 1881 Group has stood tall since 1881, proudly crafting Lebanese delicacies like Knafeh and Baklawa for generations. Today, Raneem Halab, Director of Business Development, leads the fifth-generation team. As the business evolved, so did the challenges they faced, especially with their fragmented software systems. Discover how Halab 1881 Group found the perfect recipe for success with Odoo, revolutionizing their operations and elevating customer satisfaction to new heights.

Seamless Integration for Unmatched Efficiency:

Before embracing Odoo, Hallab 1881 Group grappled with the complexities of managing at least 14 disparate software solutions, each requiring manual work and intricate API integrations. The lack of productivity and visibility hindered smooth operations. However, Odoo emerged as the knight in shining armor, offering an all-encompassing platform that replaced their myriad systems. The integrated suite of Odoo apps harmonized processes, allowing information to flow effortlessly between departments.

Enhanced Stock Control and Visibility:

One of the key hurdles Hallab 1881 Group overcame with Odoo was their stock control challenges. Previously, their locally developed software hindered the tracking of stock movements between entities and warehouses. Odoo's comprehensive reporting capabilities delivered transparency like never before. Now, the team could effortlessly trace every product's journey, from one location to another, fostering better inventory management and reducing wastage.

The Perfect Synchronization of Sales and Purchase:

In a business where multiple entities coexist, seamless synchronization between sales and purchase is paramount. Hallab 1881 Group's Production entity seamlessly interacts with the Retail entity, thanks to Odoo's automated integration. This streamlined the entire order process, ensuring a smooth flow of data between entities, simplifying reporting, and facilitating better decision-making.

Unlocking a Green Transformation:

Odoo not only optimized Hallab 1881 Group's operational efficiency but also championed environmental stewardship. Through Odoo's digital prowess, the company significantly reduced paper consumption, achieving an impressive 15% reduction. Automated sharing of PDFs via email eliminated the need for human intervention, enhancing productivity and promoting sustainable practices.

Empowering Stellar Customer Service:

In the realm of customer service, Hallab 1881 Group transformed its approach with Odoo's help desk app. Addressing customer complaints from various branches and operations became a breeze, as the platform provided a centralized view of reporting and data. Armed with this valuable insight, the team tackled customer issues with finesse, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

"Ahla" - The Sweet Taste of Success with Odoo:

In one word, Raneem Hallab encapsulates their experience with Odoo as "Sar al Helu Ahla," signifying the unparalleled sweetness of success. Hallab 1881 Group's journey with Odoo epitomizes the perfect blend of technology, innovation, and customer-centricity. With a single integrated platform, they achieved operational excellence, empowered their workforce, delighted their customers, and embraced a greener future.


Hallab 1881 Group's story serves as a testament to the transformative power of Odoo. With an integrated suite of apps, the company streamlined its processes, improved stock control, and revolutionized customer service. Embracing Odoo not only elevated their business efficiency but also fortified their commitment to environmental responsibility. As Hallab 1881 Group continues its culinary legacy, Odoo remains a steadfast partner, enabling them to flourish and delight customers worldwide.

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