ORA Improves Efficiency and Streamlines Workflow with Odoo by its Side

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Elin Anna Jonasdottir (ejo)

Country: Philippeville, Belgium
Industry: Medical Devices
Apps Implemented: CRM, Sales, Inventory, Invoicing, Purchase, Manufacturing
Number of Users: 3 Users
Number of Employees: 12 Employees

Optimized Radiochemical Applications (ORA) was founded in April 2006, by Vincent Tadino, in Liège, Belgium. Since then, ORA has become a world leader in automated synthesizers for the production of radiopharmaceuticals, particularly in medical imaging of neurodegenerative diseases (i.e. Alzheimer), as well as in advanced diagnostic of cancer and cardiac diseases.


An Inadequate Flow of Information

As a fast growing company, ORA realized the importance of having a centralized information system for sales & marketing, stock management, manufacturing and procurement. Before becoming acquainted with Odoo they were using a stand-alone stock management software to manage their inventory and for other operations they only used Excel spreadsheets. However, they soon found that this system was not convenient or efficient enough for them for several reasons, including;

  • Information could not be easily accessed by all employees, or between different departments, which hindered collaboration.

  • As the company’s employees travel a lot for work, they were not able to access their system and the necessary information while they were on the road

  • Their previous system was not flexible and could not fully support their specific business workflow.

ORA Becomes a Full-Blown Odoo Using Company

After managing to use their previous system for several years, ORA decided it was time for a change. In 2013, the company began the implementation of Odoo v7 using an external integrator. However, ORA was not 100% satisfied with the work and how things were progressing, and therefore decided to contact Odoo directly. The decision was made to switch to Odoo Online in order to speed up implementation and development, and in early 2016, they began working with their own dedicated Odoo consultant. The implementation and transition to Odoo Online went smoothly and quickly with the help of the Odoo functional consultants, and did not disturb ORA’s daily operations in the slightest. To begin with their main focus was on Odoo CRM, Sales, Inventory and Purchases, then in early 2017 they added Odoo Invoicing and they’re currently planning on adding Odoo Manufacturing in the near future.

  • With Odoo CRM they are able to have a clear overview of their opportunity pipeline and next actions, and then send a quotation with Odoo Sales.

  • Some customization was done to Odoo Inventory, in order to perfectly fit ORA’s needs, since they offer international shipping and required the system to be able to manage different currencies.

  • To correspond with international shipping, some fine-tuning was done to their database for Odoo Invoicing to be able to automatically send out specific proforma invoices to clients, which is also necessary for customs purposes.

Hassle Free and Happy with Odoo

From the start of the project and the transition to Odoo Online, everything went according to plan and progressed smoothly due to excellent collaboration as well as ORA’s sound understanding of Odoo. It took 4 months from the start of the analysis to the completion of the transition, and a few additional months to complete specific customized developments. Now ORA is very happy with their new user friendly solution, the clear interface and clever reporting. Odoo has proved itself very useful, improving the company’s workflow, and so far there haven’t been any requirements that their Odoo consultant hasn’t been able to meet.

As ORA has no time to spend on managing IT infrastructure, they needed a hassle free solution, which they’ve now found with Odoo. Not only has the company’s efficiency improved, but now they have a central repository for all their customers, as well as a streamlined workflow for sales and purchases. In addition they’re impressed by detailed smart features in Odoo, such as being able to customize the quotations in order to include the products and product pictures. Thanks to a good collaboration and continuing growth, ORA is planning on expanding its Odoo solution, with Odoo Manufacturing being on the horizon, and Odoo Helpdesk potentially following.

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About Optimized Radiochemical Applications

Optimized Radiochemical Applications, or ORA for short, is a world leader in the conception and manufacturing of multipurpose radiochemistry synthesizers. The synthesizers are being used for the production of radiopharmaceutical drugs, which are unique medicinal formulations containing radioisotopes. Radiopharmaceutical drugs are used for advanced diagnostics of patients in the field of cancer, cardiac and neurological diseases (Alzheimer and Parkinson) and therapy drugs in the field of cancer.

ORA’s radiochemistry synthesizers are based on an open platform for the production of today’s and tomorrow’s radiopharmaceuticals that deliver outstanding customer experience and production performance.

More info on: http://www.neptis-vsa.com/


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