Enhance Your Business Productivity with Odoo CRM. Be water, my friend!

Country: Taiwan R.O.C.

Industry: Audiovisual Solution

Apps Implemented: CRM

Number of Users: 158

Company Size: 500+ employees

Optoma Corporation is a world leading and award-winning projector brand established in Taiwan in 2002. Their products include portable projector, fixed installation, and home theater projectors. The group has continental headquarters in Asia, Europe and USA to ensure its global development.

Diverse Products Lead to Complex CRM Data

The picture above shows the diversity of the featured products from Optoma, indicating the complexity of its CRM data. The services range from B2B  (within business, education, and entertainment industry) to B2C; for example, the products to be used ‘At Home’. This is where Odoo CRM does its best: integrating different data into valuable information about the leads for its clients.

With the help of Odoo, Optoma could closely monitor the leads and opportunities with filtering and grouping functions simply by importing the data. Odoo is able to analyze the patterns and group the leads to enhance the business productivity. The real-time overview provides spontaneous information of the target customers, dedicating to the accurate forecasts generated from the data.

The new ‘dashboard’ function of Odoo 12 gives the client even better understandings of the data. For instance, different groups of target customers could possibly mean different KPIs and goals, and Odoo 12 allows the corporation to monitor the performances simultaneously with comparison graphs, pivot data, and cohort view. It basically works as the customized reports tailored by the company in real time. The dashboard concept could also be applied to the numerous sales teams and distributors based on the structure of the company, giving our client the full control of its data.

Be Water, My friend!

The martial art legend Bruce Lee and his famous saying of ‘Be water, my friend!’ could interpret what Odoo is capable of. The CRM app excels at being flexible to serve the different sizes at different stages of the company. It shares the same characteristics as the water: formless and shapeless, yet fits whichever container one provides. The flexibility of Odoo apps allows it to ‘flow’ with the company sizes, performing its best to be shaped into the container, namely, the company size at any stage of development.

In general, Optoma has been growing globally after they adopted Odoo CRM, while Odoo CRM app evolves over time to meet Optoma’s needs. As we understand clearly the strong linkage between sales performance and CRM, the use of Odoo could benefit the company by increasing the efficiency of processing the customers’ information into useful insights.  

Find out more about Optoma: https://www.optoma.com/ap/

Find out more about Odoo CRM app: https://www.odoo.com/page/crm

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