Pet and Buddy deliver Innovation and Comprehensive Care with Odoo

Company Name: Pet and Buddy

Location: Mexico

Industry: Veterinaria

Apps Implemented: Sales, Purchase, Inventory, and more

Odoo Users: 5

Company Size: 12

Hosting Type: Odoo Online

Pet and Buddy is both a veterinary clinic and a café that offers integral health, wellness, and care services for pets. Their mission is to lead in animal care by fostering health and wellness for pets while also contributing to create healthier and happier communities.

Aside from offering veterinary services, Pet and Buddy also has PET&Coffee, a café where owners can wait while their pets are going through a health screening or getting a grooming service. They offer a variety of coffee, beverages, and snacks that the owners can enjoy with their pets. With this service they wish to create a cozy and friendly environment for everyone.

The Journey to Odoo’s Implementation

Pet and Buddy already had an ERP system, but they decided to look for a more comprehensive solution that could adapt to their business needs and discovered that Odoo’s Point of Sale app could address one of the most pressing ones. The first time they got in touch with Odoo was through the internet, then they decided to follow up with its team and assess its solutions.

Achieving synergy between all Pet and Buddy departments was the driving force behind the search for a new ERP system. After evaluating several alternatives, they decided to choose Odoo because of its competitive price and the excellent testimonials that came with the system.

Streamlining Processes with Odoo

Gustavo Luna, Pet and Buddy’s Administrative and Financial Director, emphasized the usefulness of Odoo’s Point of Sale and Inventory apps. With the PoS app they were able to manage their stores and restaurants efficiently. The PoS app works from any device that has access to a browser, even if they go offline. Inventory movements are recorded automatically, which allows Pet and Buddy to see real-time statistics and consolidate the information they have through all their stores.

Odoo’s Inventory app is a comprehensive tool with which Pet and Buddy can manage waiting times, automate replenishment processes, set up advanced routes, among other functions which improve internal procedures.

Reaping what Odoo & Pet and Buddy sowed

Pet and Buddy incites other companies to use Odoo due its simplicity and pricing. Once one learns how to handle the system, it is extremely easy to use and it streamlines many processes, which adds significant value to daily operations.

Pet and Buddy still strives for excellence in the care and wellbeing of pets. By implementing Odoo they have taken a key step towards achieving their goals and improving their services.

About Pet and Buddy

Pet and Buddy is both a veterinary clinic and a café that offers integral health, wellness, and care services for pets. They also offer a cozy and friendly space for pets and their owners called PET&Coffee. They began searching for a more efficient solution for their operations, and thus they decided to implement Odoo’s ERP system, which improved their inventory management and point of sale operations by providing them with more efficiency and control over their internal processes.

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