Pest Control, Perfected: Verminex’s Secret Weapon Revealed


Company Name: Verminex​
Country: Bahrain​
Industry: Pest Control Services​
Main Apps:Inventory, Sales, Subscriptions, Inventory, Project, Field Service, Helpdesk, Accounting, HR, Website, Maintenance, CRM​
Number of Odoo Users: 65​
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Name
Odoo Implementing Consultants:Name

In the bustling city of Bahrain, where the demand for pest control services is paramount, one company stands out as a true leader in the industry. Meet VerminX, the largest pest control company in Bahrain, with a legacy spanning 45 years. But like any business, VerminX faced its share of challenges, particularly in managing its operations efficiently and effectively. 

Anthony Mirabat, the General Manager of VerminX, recounts the journey of the company’s transformation with Odoo, an integrated suite of business applications designed to streamline operations and boost productivity. Alongside him is Sara Ajaji, the Marketing Manager, who has witnessed firsthand the remarkable changes Odoo brought to VerminX.​

“In the past 22 years, we struggled with finding an end-to-end solution for our industry,” explains Anthony. “We relied on outdated methods such as Excel sheets, visual boards, and even legacy software like SerbPro. However, these solutions fell short in addressing our evolving needs, particularly in inventory management, invoicing, and helpdesk support.”​

VerminX’s turning point came with the adoption of Odoo. Initially implemented for invoicing and accounting purposes, Odoo soon became the backbone of their entire operation. “Unlike our previous software, extracting reports in Odoo is seamless,” Anthony continues. “The templated reports and user-friendly interface eliminated the need for specialized accounting knowledge. We no longer lose track of our invoicing, ensuring smoother financial management.” ​

But Odoo’s impact didn’t stop there. Sara sheds light on another aspect of their transformation: internal marketing and documentation. “With Odoo’s documentation module, we centralized our training materials, making them easily accessible to employees,” she explains. “We significantly reduced our paper usage, transitioning from printing thousands of papers monthly to less than 500. Our training sessions are now conducted virtually, accessible to all employees anytime, anywhere.” ​

VerminX’s journey with Odoo doesn’t end here. Anthony reveals their next step: digitalizing field services. “By automating work orders, we’re providing our clients with faster, more efficient service,” he says. “Our clients appreciate the automation, and for us, Odoo embodies this essence—it’s all about automation.” ​

In Anthony’s eyes, Odoo can be summed up in one word: automation. VerminX’s success story serves as a testament to the transformative power of Odoo in revolutionizing businesses, one process at a time. With Odoo by their side, VerminX continues to lead the way in the pest control industry, setting new standards for efficiency, innovation, and customer satisfaction. ​

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