Pen Pals - Bedaya x Odoo

Company Name: Bedaya company for stationery manufacturing

Location: Egypt

Industry: Manufacturing

Main Apps implemented: Invoicing, Inventory, Manufacturing, Purchase, Maintenance, Quality, Sales, Studio, Accounting, Documents.

Number of Odoo users: 13

Odoo Customer Success ManagerAhmed Khalil 

The Star!

Bedaya's story began in 1983 when they opened the first stationery trading company in the heart of Cairo by Mr. Gaber A. Aly. The humble company hit a turning point in 1991 as it headed to east Asia to expand its investment there. The small trading company grew tremendously during that period and became one of the leading stationery importers in the Egyptian market. Another trading company was established in the late 90s in China to nourish expansion further.

In 2001 a new factory was established called BEDAYA to be a leading stationery manufacturer in the Egyptian market. In 2014 BEDAYA CO. started competing outside the Egyptian market and exporting its products to neighboring countries. Currently, BEDAYA sells its products in Africa, Europe and some Asian countries.

Challenges before Odoo

Before implementing Odoo, they had depended on a SAAS model by a company called MRPEasy. Paired with the usage of excel sheets in manufacturing and Alameen soft in the accounting department, they faced many issues and delays. Delays like wasted manhours, tedious wait time and red tape to get any inventory-related data, no planned purchasing, and general delays in the manufacturing cycle due to lack of accurate information.

There was no integration between the sales and manufacturing departments. Due to a lack of proper inventory management software, there was a constant stoppage of production cycles as there was always a shortage of raw materials to finish the production cycle. This was causing delays in deliveries and sales cycles.

The company was also struggling to manage all its finances as it rapidly expanded and increased output. They did not have integrated software that could track all purchases, sales, and other company-related expenses that could be consolidated in one form causing the finance and accounting teams to put in double the effort.

The Solution

The integration between Odoo and Google Drive helped them have clear and accurate data that is provided instantly. The company has instant access to the files via web links, meaning their employees can work with files comfortably in the cloud storage. At the same time, the results and data are also available in Odoo for summary and reporting.

On the operational cycle, they now fully integrate sales orders and manufacturing orders bound with the real-time inventory system. This means they also plan the purchase order based on what is needed in the manufacturing BOM, shortening the ordering time and maximizing output.


After a smooth implementation, they have managed to provide all departments with the necessary information with a centralized data hub that can be accessed from anywhere. In addition to the integration now all departments easily communicate with each other. The company can now focus on enhancing the quality of work and expanding its reach further.

Perfect Business, Perfect Solution