iONAH — Conquering The Market with Odoo


Company Name: iONAH Joint Stock Company
Country: Vietnam
Industry: eCommerce, Retail, Distribution
Number of Odoo Users: 45
Implementation Time: 2 Months
Apps Implemented: Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting
Partner Name: Onnet Consulting (

About iONAH

Launched in April 2022, iONAH is an omnichannel eCommerce platform for electronic and electrical appliances that reaches its customers online and offline in a concept store chain. Pioneering the market in Vietnam, the company adopts a B2B2C business model on the foundation of AI technology to guarantee an effective customer journey. 

To minimize delivery cost and time, iONAH directly deals with manufacturers and corporations as a general distributor while handling B2B projects. SMEs (small-and-medium-sized enterprises) hence enjoy efficient delivery thanks to this streamlined process. The same approach also applies to its B2C sales. Individual customers benefit from an AI-assisted shopping experience that guarantees the best value and fastest shipping method. 

A Great Start Too Overworked to Celebrate

iONAH has a great start. Operating online and offline, the company began to welcome leads which all came too quickly for the overworked team to celebrate. Without an effective planning tool, all sales, customer service, and administrative tasks needed to be handled manually in the beginning—it can be as many as 2500 agents and customers all at once. 

After careful research and evaluation, iONAH realized Odoo would best fit their requirements out of all ERP tools but was still hesitant, given the high level of localization and customization needed. Onnet Consulting came into the scene and proved itself a reliable partner with previous experiences in localizing implementation, helping iONAH set sail with Odoo. 

A Solution that Kills Two Birds with One Stone

With the help of Onnet Consulting, iONAH now supports its Magento PWA (Progressive Web Applications) website on the back end with Odoo Sales, Purchase, Inventory, and Accounting. A solution that kills two birds with one stone, the Odoo implementation helps optimize customer journey while streamlining the workflow by saving 50% of the time from manual labor, supporting iONAH to establish a solid foundation in the Vietnamese market. 

Odoo's Accounting app contributes tremendously to that. Internally, the app saves half of the accountants' time by automatically generating reports in localized format via the Viettel S-Invoice system; externally, the app's integration with VNPay allows iONAH to support one of the most popular e-payment methods in Vietnam for an easy online purchase experience. And we tip our hat to Onnet Consulting for the customization. 

A backbone to iONAH, the Odoo Sales, Inventory, and Purchase apps are of significant importance when it comes to enhancing the retailer's eCommerce workflow. iONAH now has a centralized sales and inventory management system that presents a clear, data-driven overview of all sales orders and their sub-tasks. Thus, this ensures all orders are duly attended to by the respective teams according to the order stages and facilitates a more efficient turnover cycle. Through the Purchase module, the iONAH team can also approve replenishments of sold-out goods immediately so that they never disappoint anyone. 

Towards a Promising Future

Many would be surprised by how little time it took for such a level of integration. Known for our flexibility and scalability, Odoo has no problem integrating with other business tools, in this case, a Magento-supported website. 2 months was all Onnet Consulting needed to revamp iONAH with a centralized system, supporting the business to grow further domestically before leading the Southeast Asian market.


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