Gexpertise: Uniting Teams Around Reliable and Shared Data

Company name: Gexpertise Location: Sèvres, France 

Industry: Engineering

Partner name: SimplicIT

Odoo account manager: Pierre Moiny

Main Apps implemented: Project, Helpdesk, CRM, Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Timesheet, Recruitment, Expenses, Maintenance, Fleet

Company Size: + 200 employees

Number of Odoo Users: 235

Hosting Type: On-Premise

About Gexpertise

The Gexpertise Group is a measurement specialist focused on expertise dedicated to topography, construction and real estate, and supports its clients throughout the building life cycle and for their entire portfolio of assets.

The group's 200 employees are organized around 4 engineering departments; monitoring, immovable, Proptech and Building & VRD. The different departments interact and combine in tailor-made teams, according to the various challenges of our customers and partners' projects. Present throughout France to guarantee optimal proximity to its markets, Gexpertise rhymes with unity and diversity, with 7 agencies in France and Tunisia reinforced by partner establishments.

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Bringing unity with Odoo

Gexpertise has over 200 employees working across 4 departments. Due to this structure, collaboration is an essential element to the Group’s functioning. Before the deployment of Odoo, each entity of the Gexpertise Group used to work with their own software and processes. This did not facilitate the information sharing and collaborative work environment Gexpertise desired to have. To change this, the Group decided to look for an ERP software that could be used by the entire Gexpertise Group. 

With the help of Odoo Implementation Partner SimplicIT, the first modules to be deployed were Project and Helpdesk. These two modules were implemented to create better monitoring of production and non-production projects. At the same time, Gexpertise also deployed the recruitment module to monitor incoming applications and work on their employer brand. Nine months later, the group decided to deploy the Sales and Accounting modules to steer missions from opportunity to customer. Gexpertise plans to roll out other modules such as Odoo Marketing and Documents in the next coming months. All production assignments and assignments related to the central functions of the group are now fully managed in Odoo. The integration of each module was the subject of prior training and daily support in use.

The integration of Odoo had a positive impact on the Gexpertise Group. Although they’re still in the change management phase, the results so far have been very satisfactory. The group has a better overview of their projects and data and they’re able to easily analyze them, which strongly contributes to the continuous improvement of the Group.

“The digital transformation of the Gexpertise Group relied heavily on the migration of our information systems to Odoo. We now have a robust, comprehensive, multi-company tool that unites all teams around reliable and shared data.” 
- Olivier Fournier, Deputy CEO at Gexpertise Group

Employees appreciate the fact that the information is centralized and easy to access (SaaS mode). They also appreciate the flexibility of the software and the possible developments so that the solution remains in perfect harmony with internal processes and modes of operation.

Deploying Odoo at a group level has made it possible for the group to easily share production information, better analyze the profitability of projects and standardize various processes. In addition, thanks to Odoo, the group now has reliable and shared data, anytime and anywhere.

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