FAF Group become pioneers with Odoo

Company Name: Fuad Abdul Jalil Al Fadhli And Sons Trading Company
Country: Riyadh, KSA 
Industry: Medical Equipment
Main Apps Implemented: Invoicing, Sales, Accounting, Inventory, Purchase, Studio, Project, Time Off
Company Size: 50
Implementation Timeline: 4 Months
Odoo Partner: BI Solutions
Customer Success Manager: Maya Faysal 

About Fuad Abdul Jalil Al Fadhli And Sons Trading Company

The founder Fuad Abdul Jalil al Fadhli initiated the distribution of medical devices to support the healthcare sector, focusing on committed contributions to the niche medical specialties, adding strength to the development of society. Ever since the brand inception, the establishment has transferred the latest world renowned technology within Cell Salvage, Histopathology, Hematology, Electrophoresis, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Consultation, OR and Vet, to hospitals and other sites. Capital instruments are sold and installed as references in the Ministry of Health hospitals and laboratories, the National Guard hospitals and laboratories, University hospitals and laboratories of the Government sector.

Odoo Brought Measurable Change

Odoo’s business system was added in order to perfect the important work the team was doing. On their old system, the feature to issue quotations was non-existent, and only issuing invoices was available. Today, with the Sales App, the team is able to trace all the aspects of the sales cycle that they were looking for. Odoo shows them the number of quotations prepared, to whom have they been issued, percentage made on each quotation, the leads available, as well as quotations that have been billed but not delivered. The quotation process used to be manual, but now all is finally systematized.

The Invoicing App has features that have been very beneficial. Some of the customers have their own product references, which are different from the one that the team uses. However, with Odoo it is possible to add these additional references and save them for future usage. Also, each customer has their own terms and conditions, and Odoo is so flexible that it permits all additional customization to be added. With the past system being too complicated for the team to grasp, Odoo invoices are configured once with all the languages and format required, including vat and logo. This allowed the team to save a lot of time and spare the unnecessary confusion.

The HR Apps, as part of the Odoo suite, are fast and tailored to the brand. It includes all the needed employee details in one place and is accessible within a couple of clicks.

After a sale is done, it’s time for the installation request. After several unsuccessful trials with other systems, it was the Odoo Project App that provided the accurate data needed. Now the team has the oversight of the full project process, answering questions such as what material has been used, the costs of the full project, clear task allocations and there is no more room for human (costly) errors, confusion or ​hidden info. This was especially helpful to the engineering department, the main income generator of the business. 

After just 2 months of being live, Odoo helped the team to save 30% of time on the different projects. Decision making has become easier, cutting costs is now possible, and the team productivity increased by 40%. With the system providing accurate information, there is no need for unnecessary coordinations, saving money on headcount. Resources have been reallocated in a right and efficient manner, while project scheduling is clear for the future, guaranteeing to secure the jobs based on the planned pipeline.

With the old server costing 300k per year + maintenance, with Odoo more than 60% has been saved on headcount and business system maintenance. Most importantly, being cloud based, electricity cuts that are a high risk, are no longer a problem as all branches are synced up and accessible from anywhere.

“System is user friendly, flexible, and easy to handle. Workflows have become precisely set and followed and communication channels are clear. Odoo is saving us a lot of time and we are planning to expand to our other businesses.” Saif,  Business Development Manager

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