Empowering Non-Profit Healthcare: Al Takaful Dialysis Center’s Transformation with Odoo

Company Name: Altkaful 
Country: KSA
Industry: Medical Center
Main Apps: CRM, Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Accounting, Invoices, Time Off, Payroll
Number of Odoo Users: 3
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Mohamed El Sabbahy
Odoo Implementing Consultants: Obai Al Sharief

In the bustling city of Mecca, Takaful-Alkhairy Dialysis Center stands as a beacon of hope, providing free dialysis treatment sessions to those in need. This highly regarded charity organization goes beyond medical care, offering financial aid and essential services to applicants facing various hardships. However, the center needed more manual processes, hindering its efficiency and ability to serve more patients. Discover how Odoo, the integrated business management software, revolutionized Al Takaful's operations and empowered them to impact the community significantly.

Streamlining Admissions and Assessments:

Al Takaful's first challenge lies in the admission and assessment process, determining patients' eligibility for the program. With Odoo's customizable applications, the center introduced a comprehensive digital form that captured patients' details, creating individual files for efficient record-keeping. Medical assessments, crucial for qualifying patients, became seamless as doctors utilized Odoo's medical assessment module. This streamlined approach ensured a smooth progression through the admission stages, saving time and resources while ensuring deserving applicants received the necessary care.

Enhancing Patient Care and Record-Keeping:

Once patients were accepted into the center, Al Takaful sought to optimize their care and maintain accurate medical records. With Odoo, the center introduced a unique medical record number system, simplifying patient identification and facilitating easy access to historical tests and prescriptions. Doctors could track patients' progress effectively and provide tailored treatments based on comprehensive medical histories. Furthermore, Al Takaful implemented the issuance of official reports for government purposes, seamlessly generated by Odoo, affirming patients' admission to the center.

Efficient Financial Management:

Al Takaful's commitment to financial transparency and prudent resource management prompted the integration of Odoo's accounting and inventory management modules. The center effectively handled donor funds, tracking expenses and ensuring the availability of medications, machines, and essential supplies. With designated bank, cash, and petty cash accounts, Odoo facilitated the precise reconciliation of bank transactions, enabling accurate financial reporting. Additionally, Al Takaful capitalized on Odoo's multi-currency support, seamlessly managing both dollars and Saudi riyals. Using the average costing method for inventory valuation further simplified cost tracking and inventory management.

Proper Patients Management and Streamlined Workflow:

One of the critical pain points for Al Takaful Dialysis Center was managing patient information, test results, and medical prescriptions efficiently. With the implementation of Odoo's ERP system, the center was able to address this challenge effectively. Odoo provided a comprehensive solution for proper patient management, allowing the center to capture and organize patient details, track test results, and manage medical prescriptions seamlessly. This streamlined workflow significantly improved the overall efficiency of the center's operations, ensuring accurate and accessible patient records.

Effective Inventory Management with Average Cost Strategy:

Al Takaful Dialysis Center requires a robust inventory management system to handle their various medical products and equipment. By utilizing Odoo's ERP system, the center could set up a proper product structure and categorization, enabling efficient tracking and control of inventory. With the implementation of the average cost strategy, the center could accurately value their products and ensure optimal cost management. This solution facilitated better decision-making and inventory control, supporting the center's mission to provide high-quality dialysis treatment.

Streamlined Purchase to Vendor Bill Flow:

Efficient procurement processes were crucial for Al Takaful Dialysis Center to ensure a smooth supply chain and timely delivery of medical products. Odoo's ERP system offered a standardized purchase-to-vendor bill flow, allowing the center to streamline their procurement operations. From creating purchase orders to receiving goods and generating vendor bills, the integrated flow within Odoo simplified the entire procurement cycle. This solution saved time and improved accuracy and transparency in vendor transactions, enhancing the center's overall financial management.

Localization and Standard Chart of Accounts:

As a Saudi Arabia-based organization, Al Takaful Dialysis Center required localization features to comply with the country's regulatory requirements. Odoo's ERP system provided the necessary tools for KSA Localization, including a standardized Chart of Accounts. This enabled the center to align its financial reporting and adhere to local accounting practices. By utilizing the localized features of Odoo, Al Takaful Dialysis Center ensured compliance and accurate financial reporting, further enhancing their credibility and transparency.

Efficient Leave Management and EOS/GOSI Compliance:

Managing various types of leaves and ensuring compliance with end-of-service (EOS) and General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) regulations were critical for Al Takaful Dialysis Center. With Odoo's ERP system, the center established comprehensive rules for different types of leaves, simplifying the leave management process and ensuring consistency across the organization. Additionally, Odoo's flexibility allowed the center to implement standard rules for EOS and GOSI, ensuring compliance with labor laws and accurate calculations for end-of-service benefits. This solution provided transparency and peace of mind for both the center and its employees.


Thanks to the implementation of Odoo's integrated business management software, Al Takaful Dialysis Center has transformed its operations, profoundly impacting the lives of patients in need. Al Takaful has achieved newfound efficiency and transparency by streamlining admissions and assessments, enhancing patient care and record-keeping, and optimizing financial management. Through their partnership with Odoo, Al Takaful continues to provide free dialysis treatment sessions, medical tests, financial aid, and hope to the community they serve.

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