Brimore Empowers Nano-Entrepreneurs & SMEs

Company Name: Brimore
Country: Egypt
Industry: E-commerce
Main Apps Implemented: Accounting, Inventory, CRM, Purchase, Sales, Email Marketing, Sales, Leaves/Times Off, Expenses, Recruitment , Invoicing, Helpdesk, Website
Company Size: 350
Monthly active members: 25,000
Implementation Timeline: 6 Months
Customer Success Manager: Mira Al Kamand

About Brimore

Brimore is a social commerce and parallel distribution platform that serves the needs of two main interest groups. The first interest group are housewives who have the need of increasing their income through job opportunities with flexible working hours that fit their scope of skills and resources. The second interest group are local suppliers and SMEs who are unable to sell in traditional marketplaces by giving them access to a whole new market. This new echo system allows Brimore to empower women by enabling them to become nano-entrepreneurs and small business leaders in their community while also enabling SMEs to grow seamlessly and significantly and allows them to tap into and access new markets. There are 25,000 active sellers and 7,500 monthly active sellers on the site, together with 120 suppliers within 9 different categories.

The Challenges
This E-commerce company that links between the suppliers and the saleswomen does not have a standard business cycle. There is a numerous amount of data that is generated daily from each department that has to be recorded instantly and communicated to other departments to resume their own cycle. That’s why an efficient ERP system was a vital core in the sustainability of Brimore. Since its launch in 2017, the team had been using Odoo 8 until they upgraded to Odoo 13 in October 2020. Before the implementation of Odoo, there were many challenges faced by our business such as follows:

- Everything was done manually from the Inventory, to the Accounting, to Supply Chain, to Sales and CRM.
- There was no automated solution that managed the whole data generated
- Excel sheets were the only tool of data recording and consequently with the high volume of data generated daily, it didn’t become an efficient tool.
- A huge amount of time and effort was consumed by employees to record this massive amount of data.
- Data Analysts didn’t have consistent available data to analyze and evaluate the business as the data used to be scattered between the departments in separate sheets.
- There used to be redundancy and duplication in data as 3000 products (rough estimation) got updated in the inventory.

The Outcome

Odoo became the automated solution that facilitated the team’s process assisting them to cope with this immense growth and ensure the satisfaction of their stakeholders. Now, with Odoo not only does the data get generated immediately from the second a purchase request is made in the application, but it also automatically updates all the records of the Inventory, Finance, Supply chain and CRM. Hence, this enables the operation and customer service teams to track the purchase request till the product reaches the end consumer. 

Moreover, the data availability has made it easy for business analysts to evaluate the business effectively allowing Brimore to analyze the purchasing patterns of their consumers, which products they favor and their overall purchasing behavior. This feature has impacted the decision-making process drastically, allowing the team to be capable of forecasting and consequently, expanding and developing the product lines. The automation solution hasn’t only fastened their business cycle but it has also impacted the welfare of the employees, as it has reduced the amount of time and effort that was consumed in just recording data. It allows them now to engage in more challenging intellectual work that encourages their skills development. It has also made them capable of working remotely, which gave us a competitive edge in surviving the Covid’19 economy dip.

The Brimore team values Odoo’s flexibility. As Brimore has unique specific business needs, Odoo gives them the capacity to tailor the software solution according to their functions. In the Finance Department, it used to take more than 3 days for our accountants to finish the trial balance; now it is done automatically. With Odoo, the team has been able to reach 40k shipments per month, and went from 6 days to same day delivery. 

Using Odoo we ensure business integrity and our continuous growth as it is flexible and highly customizable in terms of changes and integration.” Ahmed Hisham, CTO


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