Blue Limits pushes its limits with Odoo

Company Name: Blue Limits

Country: KSA 

Industry: Wholesale/Retail   

Partner name: Codigo Technology

Main Apps implemented: Sales, Point of Sales, Purchase, Invoicing, Inventory, Accounting, Leaves/Time Off

Number of Odoo Users: 18 

Implementation Timeline: 6 Months 

Odoo Customer Success Manager: Leen Suleiman  

Based in Saudi Arabia, Blue Limits breaks ground with its multifunctional approach to the business world. Blue Limits certainly does not limit themselves to one industry with a finger in many pies! Involved in watersports, retail marine accessories, resort management, and marine construction, Blue Limits stretches its reach to perfect all endeavors they pursue. 

Expanding operations into various fields comes with its own challenges; amongst said challenges, the software comes into play.

Facing issues with their legacy system, such as; the inability to track expenses and revenue per department paired with various companies with multiple departments that lacked a central database to track and manage, problems with inventory, transfers of data between resorts and stores, and misalignment with VAT. The list could go on.

Fast forward to the discovery of Odoo, Blue Limits were desperate for a solution that could keep up with the ever-growing business. With many moving components, they needed an agile software that could centralize data and manage various business operations, all unique in their own manner of tracing, operating, and streamlining. 

Beginning the relationship with Odoo led the business to find all needs covered under one roof, allowing them to double up and focus more on expanding the business, taking the statement of " let your software work for you, not you for it" true. With Odoo, Blue Limits had seen an accurate summary of their expenses and reporting paired with smart buttons that drastically reduced human errors when imputing/tracking data. Moreover, what they were missing in the legacy system was a POS system. Previously all entries done by hand allowed a large margin of errors causing a domino effect of wrong entries and doubling manpower hours to rectify the errors caused by simple entries. With the new POS system, they had eliminated that error channel, giving way to refocusing the business's resources to further expand and streamline the company.

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