Belcco: When Opportunity Meets Planning

Company name: Belcco (Brussels Cleaning Company SA)
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Industry: Cleaning & Facility Management
Partner name: Sneldev
Odoo account manager: Pierre Moiny
Main Apps implemented: CRM, Project, Invoicing, Stock, Assistance, Sales, Purchase
Company Size: 200+
Number of Odoo Users: 16
Hosting Type: On-Premise

About Belcco

Since 1993, Belcco has been offering its cleaning and maintenance services in Belgium. The company provides Facility Services such as classical cleaning, window cleaning and handyman. Belcco is the Facility branch of XLG, a group that also provides services in buildings, industries and Domestic-Services (Titres-Services).

The company’s mission is to ensure an impeccable working environment where it is good to work. Belcco Belgium has; 800 employees, 24 million euros annual turnover and more than 1000 sites from 500 customers. 

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A Good Plan Missing the Right tools

With over 800 employees and many buildings to service, an integral part of Belcco’s internal work is planning. This is to ensure the right people are at the right place and at the right time. Prior to implementing Odoo, Belcco previously worked with multiple Excel sheets to keep track of people, products and service hours.

As the Excel sheets were not connected, it became difficult for Belcco to search for information and a lot of time was wasted trying to locate data. In addition, the company found Excel’s lack of collaboration tools very difficult to work with. Information for hours worked by employees was on one excel sheet whilst hours worked was on another. The inability to integrate these two sheets made the data consolidation method very slow and difficult.

After careful consideration, Belcco decided it was time for a change and implemented Odoo with the help of Odoo Partner Sneldev. One of the first apps Belcco quickly made use of was the Projects app. This application helped the company track employees whilst on site. It enabled them to match hours worked by employees for their pay and also for the invoices sent to customers. Today all timesheets are managed in Odoo.

The cleaning industry uses many products. Within Belcco, some of these products are billed and whilst others are not. To manage the selling, delivery and stock of all cleaning supplies, the company uses Odoo Sales, Purchase and Stocks. Whether billable or not, the cost and profit of each product is now linked to a project of which Belcco can see which projects are the most profitable.

With Odoo Partner Sneldev, custom features have been added to customize Belcco’s solution to their industry. One of the features that has been added is cleaning inspection. This enables the company to conduct inspections in Odoo. Another custom feature that’s in development is a daily to-do list for all workers. This will give workers a list of their tasks for the day directly on their smartphone and they’ll be able to indicate when they have completed a task. 

Adapting Stock Management During Covid-19

With the Covid-19 crisis Belcco faced an increase in demand from customers requesting disinfecting tools such as hydroalcoholic gel, dispensers, plexiglas, masks, disinfection cleaning, protective gloves etc. The company was in a position where they needed to order stock and sell products that were becoming increasingly difficult to find during the pandemic. This wasn’t just the case for Belcco but also for all XLG business units.

Instead of working as separate business units, all the companies decided to centralize their stock between all locations. Thanks to Odoo, Belcco was able to create an online app that allowed all the business units to see the price and quantity of the centralised stock and also be able to order products online. Within two months, Belcco was able to manage thousands of orders when previously they had only managed a hundred. Thanks to the Sale Order (SO) and Purchase Order (PO) functions in Odoo, the company is able to easily follow all transactions for the centralised stock.

Today, Odoo is Belcco’s single platform for information management. The company views Odoo as much more than a management tool and relies on the software so much that there is now a golden rule; If it’s not in Odoo, it doesn’t exist.

“Odoo allows everyone to have a clear overview of their tasks. At the end of the day, being able to see what is and isn’t done guarantees a peace of mind for everyone.”
-Jerome Paquot, Digital & Marketing Manager at Belcco 
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