Al Sayafe Medical
Supplying The Dental World Through Odoo

Company Name: Al-Sayafe Medical
Location: Kuwait 
Industry: Health/Social Welfare
Company Size: 100 employees
Main Apps Implemented: Website, eCommerce, Helpdesk, eLearning, Project, Timesheet, Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Events, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Inventory, Documents, eSign, Recruitment, Approvals, Leaves, Expenses, Studio

About Al-Sayafe Medical
Founded in the year 2000 in the heart of Kuwait city, Al-Sayafe Medical is a distributor of top tier dental supplies in the MENA region. The company represents over 40 dental brands and is considered the biggest dental supplier in Kuwait. Al-Sayafe Medical works closely with dental and pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide their dentists with the best products and services in the market. 

Struggles in Management and Organization 
Any company should have strong supply chain and inventory management systems; however, this is particularly true for a large distribution company such as Al-Sayafe Medical. As a distributor, the company deals with purchasing a large sum of products from manufacturers which they resell to different dentists, clinics and organizations. Keeping strong oversight on the flow of their products allows the company process to run smoothly and efficiently. 

Previously, Al-Sayafe Medical had no system to keep track of their inventory. employees were putting in hours of manual labor to make reports that were prone to human error, inefficient and not up to date. Inventory is constantly changing. Manually making these changes will inevitably lead to a disordered mess. 

The importance of strong inventory management cannot be overstated. Inventory management allows a company to understand how much of each product they need. This helps with eliminating both under stocking and overstocking, which in turn cuts costs and increases revenue. Additionally, good inventory management can lead to better customer service. When a company’s inventory is disorganized, companies require a longer time to find and deliver orders. 

Since Al-Sayafe Medical did not have any system in place, they often needed to recount inventory. Which not only led to employees spending hours doing manual labor, it also led to confusing results. This chaos impeded the company’s growth.

Another big problem Al-Sayafe Medical was facing was that their supply chain was being managed poorly. Having a poorly managed supply chain means that everything becomes more difficult. Quality control, managing inventory levels, and shipping products are all crucial things that become nearly impossible when a company’s supply chain is inefficient and unorganized. 

Implementing 20 Odoo Apps at Once
When Al-Sayafe Medical first began looking for an ERP system, their main goal was to find a way to organize and better manage their inventory and supply chain. However, when they found Odoo, they were pleasantly surprised to discover that our software can cover all of their company’s needs. They found that the one thing better than having strong management in each of their departments, was being fully integrated so that there was cross-operational visibility. 

Al-Sayafe Medical decided to use our software in all of their processes. They currently use our Helpdesk, Timesheet, Website, Studio, Leaves, Expenses, Project, Sales, Inventory, Purchase, Accounting, Recruitment, Email Marketing, Events, Marketing Automation, eCommerce, Documents, eSign, Approvals, and eLearning applications. 

While Al-Sayafe Medical was not initially looking for a Helpdesk application, they found that it was a huge boost to their business. Our Helpdesk application has helped allow them to efficiently track, prioritize, and solve any issues that may come up. Through our application, Al-Sayafe Medical’s administration can create teams and assign them issues that must be solved at a given deadline. 

To Al-Sayafe Medical, one of the most valuable traits our software has is that it is user-friendly. Because they implemented 20 of our applications, there was the concern that not all of their employees will be able to quickly adapt. However, because of the simple and intuitive design of our applications, employees were able to adjust smoothly and quickly.


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