5ive Stars Trading Company aims for the stars with Odoo

Company Name: 5ive Stars Trading Company

Country: Egypt

Industry: Glass & Trading

Partner name: NAT

Main Apps implemented: Project, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Invoicing, CRM, Sales, Timesheet, Expenses, eSign, and Field Service.

Odoo Users: 6

Customer Success Manager: Yasmine Hamdi 

The Star!

5ive Stars Trading Company was established in 1999 as an import/export company in Giza - Egypt. It is specialized in supplying the float glass processing companies with related products for IG, lamination, tools, handling vacuum lifters, and consultancies. Additionally, they have worked in the IG Sealants and liquid resin for glass lamination.

The Obstacles 

5ive Stars faced a few issues, such as integration between departments and issuing sales orders and purchasing orders which took a great deal of time. Moreover, the processes were manual either on Microsoft Word or Excel, further causing the manual labour hours to rack up. On average, the accountants consumed up to 3 hours to revise the invoices and connect them to the bank accounts. 

Reoccurring issues had been adding up regarding the core functionalities of the business. They had reached a point where expansions were increasingly tricky as the circulations were taking most of the team's time, not the process itself but the simple data management and access to it. As a fast-growing and diverse business, 5ive Stars needed a system to match their ambitious growth and begin streamlining their operations to maximize their output. 

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Smart solutions for a smart business

With a healthy suit of Odoo apps, they began taking the individual segregated processes and started moving them under one roof, everything from project and asset management. By implementing Odoo, they could allocate and track tasks on a single dashboard, connected to their accounting system where they could have a clear and precise overview of billable hours or time spent per project. They began the interconnected flow of operational streamlining, from customers coming in as a lead in the CRM to them signing a deal using the Sign app and having it all monitored within a click of a button. 

All departments became fully integrated, and the business cycle developed into a more flexible, dynamic and transparent system for all users. Moreover, due to the frictionless connection of accounting, warehousing and sales, there are no late deliveries, and all parties involved have the traceability to analyze each step of the process to improve the process constantly. And with all users having access to Odoo through several different devices in multiple locations, their efficiency has increased significantly.  


To wrap up, we loved hearing straight from the team working on Odoo daily. Ali Saafan, Operations Manager, had this to say "We consider Odoo as our main partner in success. Our expansion in the near future will include us using more apps that enhance our dynamic operations".

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